Manchester wows us with their gig scene

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Are you ready to experience the heart and soul of Manchester’s live music scene? The streets of this lively city are alive this summer with a delightful array of events that celebrate the arts and showcase the talents of local and international artists. Whether you’re a music aficionado or just someone looking to immerse yourself in the infectious energy of live performances, there’s something for everyone in this buzzing cultural hub.

For those who want to witness the grandeur of Classical music, the “Ibiza Proms in Manchester Cathedral” is an absolute must-see. Prepare to be mesmerized by outstanding performances of classic Ibiza hits, beautifully brought to life by a 40 piece live orchestra. Set against the backdrop of the gothic Manchester Cathedral, this event promises an unforgettable night that celebrates the joy and uplifting resonance of Ibiza house music. This is on Saturday 2nd September and already tickets are down to the last 6% (still easier to get tickets for this than Taylor Swift…check with Skiddle to see what is left)

If you’re looking for something a little more niche, don’t miss the “Unheard Indie” event. This celebration of indie music takes place in quirky venue Aatama on Friday 4th of August – headlining Syfta and Queen Cult. The unmistakable charm of Manchester’s indie scene lies in its ability to create an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels like part of a close-knit community. So, gather your friends, and get ready to rock to the unique beats of local and national indie bands – including up and coming Scots rockers “Forgetting the Future” who put on an explosive live show with a generous handful of Scottish cheek/banter.

For nostalgia heads, look out for two great events “Rhythm of the 90’s” (14th Oct) live at Gorilla in Manchester and Throwback Brunch (20th Aug) Old Skool day party which promise to have you re-living your youth and ‘aving it large with your best mates. The 90’s and old skool classics have a special place in our hearts and can be enjoyed by every generation so these are a must book for your diary!

Music lovers seeking a fusion of cultures and sounds will revel in the “Harp Twins” event (ftr the Volgang Twins) Embrace their multi-genre shattering
stunning live show featuring virtuoso harp arrangements of rock, metal, and their own Nordic Celtic originals as this event brings these two talented sisters to Manchester on the 15th Feb 2024. By attending this event, you’re not just enjoying a delightful experience but also supporting an environment of inclusivity and cultural appreciation.

Manchester is undoubtedly a haven for live music enthusiasts and those looking to support the arts. The city’s vibrant events showcase the incredible talent that calls this place home and not only offers you an brilliant night out but also create an environment for artists to thrive.

So, mark your calendars and dive into the electrifying world of live music and artistic expression. Together, let’s continue to support the arts and keep the heart of Manchester beating to the rhythm of life.

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