Martine Takes Time Out With Simply Woman and a Dab of Yoghurt!

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You may remember Martine McCutcheon in her most famous role as Tiffany Mitchell in the long running Eastenders series. She enjoyed three years with the soap, until her character was written out of the script in 1995. Since then, Martine has furthered her career in the entertainment industry by taking part variously in acting, singing and book projects.
Last year, she teamed up with Danone, the French conglomerate who produce consumer products ranging from yoghurts to bottled water, in a long contract as the face of Activia. Activia is a range of probiotic dairy products made with live bifidus bacteria. These organisms are known for their health benefits, particularly in controlling bacteria in the digestive system, thereby reducing symptoms commonly associated with all kinds of tummy discomfort.

In the UK, Activia yoghurts are sold in all main supermarkets. Get them as single pots, or in packs of fours and eights. Their range incorporates fat free, regular flavoured and fruit layered yoghurt.

Recently Simply Woman was delighted to talk with Martine about her involvement with Danone and Activia.

How long have you been collaborating with Danone?


Since January 2010 Martine has worked with the Danone brand.


What does health mean to you, and has Danone had any impact on this?

For Martine, keeping on top of things, always having a positive outlook, and making time for the things that matter most have been brought more into focus since representing the Activia brand.   


Are there any changes you’ve noticed in your moods and well-being since eating Danone products?

Yes. Martine believes fluctuating hormones experienced by many women at different times of the month can contribute to bloating and irritability. Since eating Activia, Martine finds this problem doesn’t affect her again.


How often to do eat Danone products?

Martine happily consumes Activia with breakfast, taking it straight from the pot or on her cereal. To date she doesn’t have the time to use Activia in cooking as she’s too busy. She says, ‘My partner may use it in the kitchen – he is better at cooking than me!’


Which is or are your favourite products in the range?

Martine loves the caramel pot and the plain yoghurts. She’s also likely to represent Activia the foreseeable future as they are continually bringing out new products. As Martine said, ‘I have a lot if new flavours to go through yet!’ And she should know. Activia worldwide currently have more than forty flavours of yoghurts to choose from.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Martine champions Activia’s 14 day TLC plan, which allows nutritional and fitness experts from Activia to produce an exercise and meal plan tailored to individuals’ needs. Martine has tried this plan herself, despite already seeing health benefits in her lifestyle. To partake in this plan, sign up online, where you will also be able to post in the forum and receive tips and hints from the community.


We at Simply Woman wish Martine well with her future in entertainment and as the face of Activia. To learn more about Activia, visit

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