My top ways to enjoy spirits this Christmas!

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Loving Aldi’s selection of alcoholic drinks this winter and it got me thinking how to use them creatively.  Sometimes it’s not just about boozing – it’s about warming those cockles!  Here’s a few of my favourite ways to enjoy Spiced Rum, Irish Cream Liquer and Amaretto!  Thanks to Aldi for the ingredients!

Hot Chocolate

Any of these tipples would be an amazing addition to a hot chocolate this winter.  Irish Cream hot chocolate is off the scale silky smooth, rum hot chocolate has a nice warming kick to it (perfect midway through a ski day) and the Amaretto adds a rich sweetness.  Which would you choose?


Making simple, rich chocolately truffles can be enchanced by adding Irish Cream, Amaretto or Spiced Rum to your concotion.  The best truffles are made with butter, double cream and 70% quality chocolate

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