Perfect for picnics – premixed summer drinks!

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Thanks to the lovely people at Pimms and Gordons, we can now enjoy a premixed tipple in a can – just in time for the good old British Summer Time!  These handy cans can be stashed in a bag, rucksack, picnic bag or beach bag and are an ideal way to enjoy the nation’s favourite drinks!


Pimms Blackberry and Elderflower is the epitome of Britishness – it’s fruity, tart, sweet and sparkling and absolutely wonderful.  It tastes just like fizzy Ribena so these are easy to get lost in the amount you drink – be careful!

250ml pre-mix can (5.4%ABV), RRP £1.85


The classic Gordon’s & Tonic with a gentle dash of cucumber to bring the fragrance out of the gin.  Also available is an elderflower G&T

250ml pre-mix can (7.5%ABV), RRP £1.85

*Simply Woman advocates responsible drinking.

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