Preparing Your Children for a New Addition in the Family

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Children thrive on routine, and there is nothing quite as disruptive to that routine than a new baby arriving in their home. Babies are very difficult at the start because they react entirely based on needs and getting them to adhere to any sort of schedule in the first year can be a challenge in itself. The amount of time and attention it takes to care for a child can be demanding, which is why many children feel like they are neglected after a new baby enters the home. By following this guide, however, you can help your children feel like they are a part of the family, thus strengthen everyone’s bonds.

Let Them Know from the Start
Your children should never be surprised to learn that you are expecting a new family member. Never keep it from them. Instead, let them know from the moment that you are planning to expand the family, or from the second you find out. That way they have plenty of time to adjust to the news and figure out exactly what it means for their lives and their routine.

Bring Your Children in On the Decisions
Feeling left out and abandoned is a common emotion when older children have to contend with a new baby. If your child is a toddler, however, chances are they won’t notice or care. The smaller the gap between siblings, the better it will be for your family dynamic. If you have a child who is already in school, however, it is important that you help them feel like they are a valued and trusted member of the family. To do this, bring them in on some key decisions. What kind of color should the walls be? What toy should we get for the crib? What diapers should we get from The Green Nursery. These simple decisions do not impact the quality of care you will provide to your newborn but can help your elder children feel important and included.

Get Them to Help at Every Turn
Just as bringing them in on the decision-making process can help them feel included, remember to give them real jobs to help you out. Leave the messy jobs for yourself, yes, but asking for help can be a very important way to show your elder children that they not just loved, they’re needed in the family. Try not to turn them away from the baby by overdoing it with chores, of course, and aim to work together as a unit.

Teach Them
Teaching your children how things work and how to take care of their younger sibling is an important step to prepare your children for the newest addition to your family. Not only will they be able to help take care of your new baby, but this will also strengthen your bond together. The last thing you want is for your child to be scared of your new baby or mishandling him or her, so teach them and trust them.

Last but not least, make time for your other children. Newborns require a lot of attention, but if you can, try to keep or make traditions so that you have a special relationship with each of your elder children. The better you can balance these relationships, the closer your whole family will be.

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