Problems with your home and what to do about them

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It is difficult knowing what to do sometimes when you are faced with large problems with your home. However, sit back and breathe for a few minutes, take time to read this and you may find a solution.

Electrical Issues

Perhaps your home’s electrics were installed a long time ago and need a thorough check to ensure the wiring is safe. Incorrect wiring can cause enormous problems, so it is imperative that you get it assessed if you suspect anything wrong. Always employ the services of a qualified electrician to delve a bit deeper into your electrical faults. Getting someone who knows a bit could lead to severe injury or death, and you certainly would not be insured for any financial costs incurred by further issues caused. 

Plumbing Issues

If you suspect a leak or find a random puddle that you cannot account for, stop the water as soon as you can. Locating your stopcock in a new property can be challenging, so it is advisable to do so before you actually need to. As with electrical problems, it is certainly worth getting a qualified professional person to undertake your work. 

Foundation Cracks

As soon as you realise there could be a problem with your home’s foundations, be sure to seek advice from an expert as these issues can be costly. A structural engineer will be able to assess the severity of the damage and advise what steps need to be taken. If the problems are really going to be too costly and troublesome for you, consider consulting a company such as who may be able to buy the house from you to save you further worry and hassle in the future.

Roof Damage

If you are comfortable with heights and have someone else around to support you, it is possible to assess any damage yourself without employing someone straight away to do so. Often, it can be as simple as a dislodged tile, which just needs sliding back into place slightly. However, an expert will certainly be a better option for larger problems, such as damage as a result of severe weather conditions. Putting off solutions when it comes to your roof could add significantly to the likelihood that the damage will be costly and widespread. Deal with it as soon as you realise or suspect that there is an issue. 

Windows and Doors

If you have double glazed windows and doors, they can begin to cause you problems after a few years. Not all problems require new products, so do not worry. If your windows and doors are still under warranty, be sure to ring up the company and ask them to pop out to assess the situation. If your front door is refusing to shut properly, they will probably be able to fix that quickly there and then. For more substantial problems, they may need to return at a later date. However, it is not all doom and gloom, often not needing to cost you a penny. 

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