Product of the week – BOMB Cosmetics Blackcurrant Body Polish

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So, new feature and first top recommendation from Simply Woman is the Bomb Cosmetics Blackcurrant Body Polish.  I’d been sent this before Christmas but I’d been away, come back and had loads on.  Feeling really under the weather most of January and came to a pile of products to try.

Well I was certainly glad I opened this one to use.  What an absolute holy grail body scrub.  Not only does it smell of wicked amounts of blackberries (commonly known in my neck of the woods as Brambles) the scrub is of such an intensity that it leaves you feeling buffed, pampered and hydrated.  I was even able to forgive the fact it was in a tub (shower hell trying to keep water out of the tub 🙁

The smell – summery black fruits, reminds you of picking wild blackberries/brambles and stuffing them in your mouth – the only evidence remaining are your indigo stained, slightly thorn scratched mitts.  They’ve also kindly added more summery goodness with sweet orange and mandarin essential oils.  Just what you need in the middle of winter – a reminder of the halcyon summer days!

The texture – I thought it was going to be soooo oily!  Like the classic salt and sugar scrubs I tend to avoid as they just leave my skin feeling too tacky afterwards – the skin on my body doesn’t need a lot of hydration – those other scrubs are just too rich.  This one requires a firm scoop – it’s very thick with just the right particle density of exfoliants – any bigger would be too abrasive and unkind to skin.

The after effect  – super smooth, nicely moisturised skin that smells absolutely heavenly!

Big tick in the box for BOMB there!

£7.99 online from BOMB and selected retailers.


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