Property hotspots unveiled in new Selling Points Index

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New property research has uncovered the UK cities offering the most to house buyers.

When buying or selling properties estate agents always take of ‘selling points’ making one location or house attractive than another.

The Index, put together by online home-buying company We Buy Any Home, reveals the cities which are the most desirable for buyers and offer the best conditions for sellers to get a good price.

Using seven key selling points, the Index analysed data in the following areas:

  • Average house price
  • Employment rate
  • The number of outstanding OFSTED rated schools in the area
  • The average sale time of properties
  • The A&E target ratings of the local NHS trust
  • Average salaries
  • Burglary rate


The top 10 cities according to the Index are:

  1. Bristol
  2. Southampton
  3. Cambridge
  4. Stoke-on-Trent
  5. Edinburgh
  6. Glasgow
  7. Newcastle
  8. Plymouth
  9. Birmingham
  10. Manchester


Coming out on top were Bristol with impressive numbers across the board. Such as the employment rate (the best in the UK) and its average salary (third in the UK) making it an enticing spot for Brits to live and work.


The UK’s biggest cities did not fare so well however, the capital missed out on a place in the top 10 due to its astronomical average house price (£743,953), high burglary rate (the second worst in the UK) and sluggish sales times for sellers, resulting in a final placing of 15th.


Founder and CEO of We Buy Any Home, Elliot Castle said: “As we head further into 2018, it brings with it the attractive prospect of a new start, we wanted to highlight the areas of the country which are the most desirable for buyers and offer the best conditions for sellers to get a good price.


“We wanted to make our index as comprehensive as possible and took into consideration a variety of factors that really matter to both buyers and sellers. A city might score well in terms of average earnings, for example, but if house prices are high and its schools perform poorly, it’ll lose out for those factors.”


Find out how your city performed in We Buy Any Home’s “Selling Points Index 2018” here –








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