Rituals Violet & White Lily Fragrance review

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Violet is a fascinating flower – depending on what part of the flower/stem is used can radically change the mood of a fragrance.  I’ve sampled everything from the dark, melancholy Black Violet by Tom Ford right through to the fresh, green and bright Vert Violette by Serge Lutens.  From the dark intensity comes a velvety smoothness and rich texture that in the right doses – can create a unique and wearable fragrance and the lighter, fresher side can lift.

White Lily, the feminine, pretty element of this fragrance is a rarely used ingredient in modern perfumes.  Gold by Donna Karen or Un Lys by Serge Lutens are some of the few examples of this smooth and powerful; feminine, but very dominant flower.

You would think that putting together these two dominant, powerhouses would create something truly awful but the genius of the parfumier that created this Rituals fragrance has delivered an absolutely beautifully balanced, delicate, feminine fragrance with truly uplifting notes.  A must have for the perfume lover or a close friend/mother.

The packaging is stunning, elegant and subtle – the silvery stamp on the side with the bottle name and number is a unique touch and the wooden bottle top nods towards Rituals eco credentials.

This is a go anywhere, do anything fragrance – a signature fragrance for the modern, busy woman who doesn’t like to smell like everyone else.  It’s graceful, timeless and uplifting and it’s certainly in my top ten – I’d rate it 4/5 with the only downside being the sillage – it does sit very close to the skin but doesn’t last as long as you would like it to!

£39 for 50ml from Rituals




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