Run and cycle safer this Autumn

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AfterShokz’s top three tips for exercising outside

3rd October 2017 – It’s officially Autumn so it’s time to wrap up warm and get outside to enjoy the leafy landscapes. Whilst this may be many runners and cyclist’s favourite time of the year to train, it’s important to be aware of the risks that come with cooler mornings and darker nights.

So whether you’re gearing up to raise your heartbeat or just getting from A to B on the daily commute, it’s important to remember the following before getting started.

1) Get the proper gear

When layering up, make sure you give a nod to the 80’s by wearing hues of hot pink, lime green, neon blue, reflective strips, and LED lights.

Now that you’re safe and seen, it’s equally important that you can fully hear your surroundings and react to hazards. For fitness fans that listen to music during a workout, it’s worth considering a pair of bone conduction headphones from brands such as AfterShokz. Designed to transmit sound through the listener’s cheekbone to the inner ear, these headphones ensure that individuals are able to keep their ear passage totally un-obstructed whilst listening to their favourite tunes.

2) Plan your route

Both new and seasoned runners and cyclists should always have an intended route in mind prior to starting a workout. Nothing kills an exercise high faster than realising you have absolutely no idea how to get back, or discovering that you’re completely exhausted and still 27 songs from home!

We advise considering routes that are populated with sections of the community as you’ll easily be able to get help if you sprain an ankle or get a puncture. What’s more, when your plan is set, always drop a loved one a text to let them know where you will be.

3) Obey traffic and wildlife laws  

Did you know that a bicycle is considered a road vehicle so when you’re cycling to work, you won’t be following the same rules as when you’re taking your evening jog.

When exercising in open areas, it’s important to respect wildlife by not littering and generating too much noise pollution by shouting to exercise buddies over your music. Cyclists should also remember to cycle with traffic, never ride on the pavement and always obey traffic lights and road signs.

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