Self Care Holidays for Female CEO’s

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As a CEO it can be hard to switch off and take that much needed R&R (Rest & Relaxation for those who don’t know. And if you don’t know – you are probably a prime candidate for getting a holiday!)

Getting away without using your phone and jacking back into the corporate matrix is the hardest part – after trying to find the time in your diary to get away for even a few nights. When planning a getaway – make it an actual getaway where no-one can contact you for several hours a time, you are fully immersed in a new culture or experience that requires your attention and you can kick back and relax or enjoy something exhilarating.

Our first suggestion would be to contact one of the adventure travel companies in the UK – somewhere that you will be in the wilderness or doing a challenging activity where your phone goes away for the duration of the day and you get to build bonds with people and immerse yourself in the task at hand. You may learn new things about yourself and also challenge yourself to learn something new.

What about an exciting hiking and packrafting trip through the Scottish highlands where you will spend your time exploring mountains, moorland, lochs and rivers. Not to mention meeting the locals and enjoying some fine cuisine!

Adventure travelling may not be your idea of a holiday or rest and relaxation – camping certainly isn’t my idea of a luxury break! Silver sands and crystal waters – being waited on hand and foot at a luxury warm location and not having to move a muscle or think about anything unless it’s absolutely necessary is much more aligned with my idea of a holiday.

To truly get away from it all – long haul options would be the best, where your phone is turned off for 12 hours solid in flight and you can immerse yourself in a great book or some self care projects. Some of our favourite ideas include;

  • Journalling
  • Colouring In (For Adults)
  • Easy Listening Affirmations
  • In Flight Yoga
  • Skincare Masks
  • Reading positive literature

Once you get there – such as this luxury Maldives experience – it’s time to work out when you actually want to do anything at all? How about lazy seafood laden lunches and an afternoon relaxing by the pool, taking the occasional dip to cool off. How about some scuba diving to see the hammerhead sharks which is a thrilling and invigorating experience! Dolphin cruises or big game fishing catching barracudas or even the exhilarating parasailing over the absolutely pristine turquoise waters.

If that all sounds too much for you – there are hours you can spend in the spa, being pampered and pummeled all at the same time.

This ultimately comes down to you and how you like to spend your spare time. How do you want to come back to the work environment? Serene and chilled or invigorated and full of vigor? Long haul flights will take it out of you a little so if you are in the kind of job that allows decompression time – then long haul is suitable but if you need to be on your game from day 1 returning, maybe something a bit more local might suit!

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