Serenitude by Valeur Absolue

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Valeur Absolue is a relatively new niche fragrance brand – launched in 2013 from Geneva, Switzerland and aims to offer “more than a perfume”. Each one is infused with essential oils and minerals such as magnesium, calcium & potassium but also beautiful coloured precious stones – Amethyst, Diamond powder, Amazonite and Peridoit to enhance well-being.

We tried the newly released Serenitude, which was developed by perfumer Pierre Negrin as a floral – spicy – woody fragrance. We love the initial top notes of red pepper, cardamom, Calabrian bergamot and nutmeg. The heart features white Damask rose spiced with coriander but the real strength of this fragrance is in the Australian sandalwood and Indonesian patchouli base.

Each bottle contains a few pieces of amazonite that is believed to protect from negative vibrations.

The bottle is unique with the little stones inside – there’s definitely a novelty value to it.  It’s hard to say if the stones are enhancing my well-being – I don’t have a benchmark really from which to measure but the creamy sandalwood certainly brings a smile and after the sparkly top notes have vanished you are left with an elegant fragrance.

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I would certainly see this fragrance being worn for a dinner date where you needed to bring warmth and subtle sexiness to the table or perhaps an anniversary or special occasion with a loved one.  If it’s the only fragrance you own – then it’s even versatile enough to be worn as a signature fragrance in your everyday life and who knows?  Maybe that elusive wellbeing captured in those little stones will leave its mark on you day by day.

There are other scents in the collection – Sensualitie for example with Rose/Jasmine/Amber & Musk sounds like a perfect femme fatale fragrance for the little black dress posse.  Or perhaps the Vitalitie might be more up your street with its vibrant green peridoit stones, Magnolia/blackcurrant/China Tea and Vitamin C!

You can buy the fragrances online from House Of Fraser or in selected stores in major cities such as Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and on Oxford Street.  You can also read more about the company and the story behind it on their website.

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