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We all know that women who run their own businesses work hard, and very often they work really hard, but there is still a very real romance about setting up your own company. The freedom of choosing your hours, taking off on holiday when you please and best of all, being able to dictate your own future are immensely appealing. Of course, you need a good idea, but can you really take the plunge and set-up your business?

Twenty years ago, the answer would probably have been no. No time, no capital, no staff, no way. However, the growth of the internet means that those days are gone and with a bit of creativity and a few clicks, you could have your very own online store, blog, magazine or develop something entirely new!

Finding Your Niche

All entrepreneurs talk about finding a niche, a little part of the market that they can access and hopefully grow. Unfortunately, the online world is such that there aren’t all that many niches unexplored. Your idea needs to be clear and cohesive, or you simply need to do something that’s already being done, but do it better! The key to this is research. If, for example, you want to start up a blog, then get to know your competitors. Read their articles and laugh at their jokes, but also know how you can differ from them or improve on the quality they offer.

Perhaps its better writing you offer, or a better interface: whatever it is, you need to make sure your customers know!

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Admin, Admin, Admin

It’s true that the internet makes a lot of things a lot easier, but it doesn’t half make things harder sometimes too! You need to be sure that your business is properly registered for tax and insurance purposes in the real world, and that your domain name and any intellectual property, such as logos and brand names are protected.

You’ll also want to think very hard about your security, and this is especially important if you’re setting up an online store. If you’re responsible for the credit card details of others, make sure they know they’re going to be protected.

Companies like Fluidata can offer tailored security for your online store.

Think Local

It’s important not to get overwhelmed by the global possibilities of the world wide web. It’s highly likely that your business won’t go global, but you need to make that a strength rather than a weakness. Don’t overlook the customers in your area, and don’t forget that you probably know them better than anyone else!

Many of the most successful websites are regularly logged into by people who are within the same geographical area. There’s no substitute for knowing local news, local tastes and, of course, it can help you speed up delivery times and get to know your customer a lot faster.

The best thing about online business is that you really can start small. Dedicate, say, three hours a week to getting things started, and as you grow you can start to operate on a larger scale. It’s lower risk but, potentially, still has a good reward!

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