Shoring Up Your Roof For Winter

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Now is that time of year when the leaves turn glorious shades of orange, the pumpkin spices come out in Starbucks and it’s time to rock out the wooly scarves. 

If it’s been a dry and sunny summer, you may not have noticed any minute details of repairs needing done to your roof and it’s usually after the first heavy rainfall of the winter or first frost when the tiles expand and contract that you notice a serious problem!

There can be many causes of roof damage such as;

  • Damaged Shingles
  • Water Leaks
  • Animal Damage
  • Leaky Skylights

And it’s important that you get any changes dealt with immediately so they don’t get any worse and cause further damage. 

You can read more information about roof damage, repair, and replacement here.

However there is a very valid case for regular inspection and maintenance as well.  Something that was an easy maintenance task 6 months ago and manageable financially can rapidly turn into a money pit!

Make sure you employ a reputable company that offer quality roof repair services.  For example there any many providers that will shore up your shingles with 4 nails per shingle, which is the standard and that’s absolutely fine for normal weather conditions.  However if you think with more and more extreme weather coming to a town near you – it would make sense to add in some extra protect there!  6 nails per shingle is the sensible way forward and is a classic example of the comment mentioned above which is easy maintenance and quite a cheap fix if deal with far in advance.  Having to replace the roof or shingles after a devastating storm because you skimped on those two nails per shingle will cost you a heck of a lot more in the long term.

You may also be in a position where you’ve bought a new house and although it’s been passed from a chartered surveyor point of view and declared safe and watertight – you may wish to bring the roofing up to a certain standard.  You want to look at your new house and feel proud of your purchase so now might be the time to invest in “roof rejuvenation” (yes it’s an actual thing!)  Not only will your new roof look fabulous but also the more important aspect is the longevity of your roof- as the process adds the oil back into your asphalt and that will extend the life of your roof amongst other benefits;

  • Adds 5 – 15 years to your roof
  • Rejuvenating every 5 years guarantees 30 year lifespan
  • Reduces damage from hail and other weather events
  • Restores permeability of shingles

It may be one of those parts of your home you don’t pay a lot of attention to – as they say “out of sight/out of mind” but the whole point of a home is to have a “roof over your head” and if that roof is in danger of giving up on you when you need it most – you’ll regret not keeping on top of its maintenance.

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