Simply Womans’ recommended wines for the new season!

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Here is our pick of wines from the Hardys Estate, south eastern Australia’s famous winemaker. These wines are widely available in supermarkets and off licences throughout the UK. Please note that while we encourage you to enjoy your beverages, we also advocate drinking responsibly. Experts say the recommended daily amount for women is 2-3 units and for men, 3-4 units of alcohol.   



Nottage Hill Chardonnay 2011 12.5% abv

A full bodied dry wine with tropical and melon flavours. There is a lingering overtone of mild oak. Great on its own or with white meats. Buy at around £7.99 

Nottage Hill Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon 2010 vintage 12% abv

A still dry white bursting with tropical and lemon flavours. Its fresh bouquet will help it complement cranberry sauce and stuffing. Buy at around £6.99 

Hardys Stamp Shiraz Rose 2011 vintage 11.5% abv

An in between white and red number that is an easy drinking and dry with red berry flavours. Crisp and tart on the palette. Pair with salmon and shellfish.. Buy at around £6.99 


Dark in the bottle, promising a rich experience. Doesn’t fail to disappoint with which give way to oak and complex plum and blackcurrant notes give way to chocolate with a hint of vanilla. Enjoy on its own, or with any festive red meats. Buy at around £7.99


This is the only South African wine among our recommendation. It is heavy on dark red berries and is the perfect accompaniment to red or rich white meat dishes. The semi dry finish is short, which makes it good for those wanting to get on with their food, but who also like to have wine complementing their meal. Buy at around £6.99


Know your facts


  •  Hardys is the UK’s favourite wine brand (No. 1 by Volume and Value UK Off trade MAT to 11th June 2011) The New Nottage Hill packaging was introduced on-shelf from September 2011, and is the feature of new TV ident for Hardys sponsorship of Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me (on air September – December).

  • Hardys is managed and distributed by the UK branch of Accolade Wines

  • Accolade Wines employs more than 1800 people in Australia, Europe, Asia and South Africa. Brands by represented by Accolade include Hardys, Stowells of Cheslea and Kumala wines which sell in more than 80 countries worldwide.  



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