Six Aspects of Your Home You’re Almost Certainly Forgetting to Clean

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Think your home is perfectly spick and span? Think again. While your floors are probably dirt-free and your toilets practically sparkling, there are a few areas and items that you have almost certainly forgotten about. The most frequently forgotten aspects are highlighted below. 

Your carpets 

Yes, you’ve vacuumed your carpets three times this week, but is that really enough to get rid of the dust and the dirt that has been accumulating for months? Definitely not. It is recommended that you bring in a professional carpet cleaner at least once every six months to deep clean your carpets without causing any damage to their fibres or colours. Avoid DIY chemicals as these can be harmful to your health and your carpets themselves. 

Kitchen handles 

How many times have you opened the fridge door or kitchen cabinet during meal prep time without washing your hands first? It is no wonder why kitchen handles are known to be breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria. This is especially so in households that consume meat. Cross-contamination can pose terrifying health risks. So, give those handles a good scrub at least two or three times a week going forward to prevent taking any chances. 

Your toothbrush holder 

Toothbrush holders are often left moist and very rarely (if ever) cleaned. This means that bacteria and mould is able to grow and thrive without disruption and, unbeknownst to you, crawl all over your toothbrush and into your mouth. With this in mind, you will want to aim to wash your toothbrush holder once a week, either by hand or by placing it in the dishwasher. 

Handrails and doorknobs 

We touch our handrails and doorknobs with filthy hands on a daily basis, and yet few people will be able to remember the last time that they disinfected these areas in their home. A great, all-natural solution to use to kill germs without affecting the wood or the brass of handrails and doorknobs is one made out of 50% warm water and 50% vinegar. Wipe dry after cleaning. 

Place mats 

You use place mats to protect your tables and tablecloths, but you should really be worried about protecting your dinner guests from the place mats themselves. If you are not giving them a regular wipe down with the same cleaning solution as mentioned above, then you are likely allowing for easy germ transfer to hands and food. Just remember to give the place mats plenty of time to dry before packing them away to prevent creating the perfect breeding conditions for bacteria. 


Lampshades can be the dustiest parts of the house and yet often go unnoticed and uncleaned. Use a small brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to quickly remedy the problem and do so at least once every week. If you don’t have this useful attachment to hand, then you can also simply wipe them clean using a damp cloth to help pick up the dust without it flying away onto other nearby surfaces. 

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