Small Ship Cruises Around the Med

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I love how different every single town, fishing port and glittering city in the Mediterranean has its own unique personality and vibe. It would be remiss to only visit one – wouldn’t it! From the beautiful wonders of the Dubrovnik coast to the heavenly Santorini and the ancient mysteries of Athens to the jet set playground of Hvar there are wonders to behold in every port – local cuisine, famous attractions and gift shopping galore.

White architecture on Santorini island, Greece. Beautiful summer landscape, sea view.

This is why I think cruises are so popular as they do take in many stops within the one holiday – but people got a little freaked out with the pandemic and being cooped up in these giant big floating cities. There is a solution! Why not travel in style to Croatia with a smaller ship cruise or another option could be taking tours in Greece from the comfort of a small cruise ship! Still a luxurious experience – more so in the fact you aren’t one of several thousand but 1 in 40 and receive much more personalised attention from the crew. Your face will be remembered and you won’t have to fight to get off the boat and enjoy some of the stop offs with many thousands others.

Imagine slipping quietly off the boat and into the serene depths of the Blue Cave in Croatia, or Oyster tasting after touring medieval Ston. These are beskpoke, intimate experiences where you can immerse yourself without being hounded to rush through because several thousand others from your boat are all wanting to experience it too. When one of these gigantic ships reaches port – all of the local attractions and retailers brace themselves for impact – but with a smaller vessel you can blend in, get conversations going, learn about new cultures and take your time! No queuing, no rushing. Isn’t that what holidays are all about?

Oia at sunset, Santorini

What about wine tasting events at a intimate family run winery, glistening bays and relaxing swims in crystal clear lagoons, enjoy the finest food prepared for breakfast and lunch – with the freedom to explore your chosen country’s delicacies and specialties. Or a pre-arranged local village party where you can enjoy local entertainment – you wouldn’t get that with a big cruise ship! Don’t forget the Captain’s farewell dinner with live music – and that’s you set for a holiday of indulgence and enjoyment.

What of the accommodation itself? A comfortable bed for the end of the night is essential to enjoying a good holiday isn’t it? These ships – well they aren’t quite ships as such, they are basically “superyachts” that the rich and famous use – just converted into a 38-40 sleeper cruiser. Air conditioned cabins with ensuite facilities, on deck hot tub and one thing you can’t do on a big cruise liner – nip down the back ladder and into the water where you are anchored to enjoy a morning or evening dip!

It would seem that the small cruise ship really does offer a better alternative to the large “floating cities” that exist. In fact, a smaller vessel can take you more places as it can get into smaller ports and less maneuverable approaches unlike the bigger ships! This means more exciting and unique experiences for you!

Cruise guests enjoy delicious meals including a daily buffet breakfast, six set lunches with four courses, complimentary fresh fruit and 1.5 litres of bottled water per passenger daily. Some cruises also include three evening meals on board. Dining on board is in a relaxed and informal setting, with no formal dress code necessary. The bar offers a selection of wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks which are available to purchase.

If you are looking for a rich, cultural, relaxing holiday where you are waited on hand and food in luxurious surroundings then I’d highly recommend one of these small cruise ship holidays.

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