Taking Care of Your Mental Health & Wellbeing When Returning to Work

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There are many reasons for having to take time off work including maternity leave, illness, retirement. In recent years mental health issues have been on the rise, with an estimated one in four people being affected with issues such as depression and anxiety. It can leave workers feeling unable to function and do their job properly, however there are ways to help.

When it comes to retuning to work after taking time off, it’s important to take care of your wellbeing and mental health to help prevent taking time off in the future. We take a lot of time looking after our physical health and making sure we address any issues we may have, so it’s just as important to do the same for our mental health. Here are four ways to look after your wellbeing.

Talk to someone

If you feel as though you’re starting to suffer or feel any issues arising then take the time to talk to someone, even if it’s just as simple as asking someone to grab a coffee to have a catch up. Talking to someone can really help lift a weight and allows you to discuss how you might be feeling. You never know, talking to someone might help them too so it can be beneficial for you both. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to a colleague, then there are lots of charities such as Mind where you can talk to someone!

Switch off

Switching off at the end of the work day is important, try not to let your work life spread too much into your personal life as you need time to relax and unwind. Make sure you plan in some activities outside of work, this could be an evening class for a hobby, catching up with friends for dinner or even booking in for a little pamper session. Having things booked in that you’re committed to will help you switch off from some of the stresses of work.

Take a break

There is a lot surrounding the importance of taking regular breaks throughout the day at work, especially if you work in an office environment. If the weather is nice and you can, then why not plan in a little walk at lunch time to ensure you do get some time outside. If you’re not able to get out and about, then why not take in a book or magazine to read through at lunch, it gives you some quiet time and you can grab a screen break too!

Have a support network

Having the right support at work is useful when it comes to spotting any signs of your mental health and wellbeing suffering. They can be there to support you when you return and help you to achieve any targets or help with any tough workloads if your role is demanding. Randstad have put together a hub of information when it comes to returning to work including some tips and advice so it’s worth checking it out.

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