The 3 Best Cars for Small Families in 2019

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If you’ve recently gone from being a couple to starting a small family, the chances are your motor needs have changed. When a little one comes along, there are three main factors parents look at in choosing their next car: safety, affordability and space.

Secondary considerations that also matter might include how easy it is to drive whether it’s environmentally-friendly, and how much petrol it guzzles. Today, we’ll look at three cars that can meet all a small family’s needs without breaking the bank.

If buying a car outright is not an option for you, think about getting one as a personal contract hire to get you and your family about.

Ford Focus Hatchback

The Ford Focus Hatchback is a staple of family life for many. It’s an option that frequently tops lists for driver enjoyment and handling. It has all the technology you need, and has a fresh look for 2019.

Recently, Ford has matched the style of the exterior with significant improvements to its interiors – important if you’re taking the family on road trips. It’s considered the full package, as a car that looks snazzy, has plenty of space and is a dream to drive.

Skoda Octavia Hatchback

The Skoda Octavia Hatchback is probably the best value for money for a family car. Not only that, it’s got lots of space on the inside and a huge boot. It’s a highly reliable car that you can depend on not to let you down. Steering is easy to manage, neither too light nor too heavy, and it’s comfortable to drive. The are engine options including both petrols and diesels of between 1.0 and 2.0 litres.

However, diesel engines are noisier than petrol which could be a problem when you’re trying to get the little ones off to sleep. And if looks matter to you, the Skoda Octavia isn’t the most appealing car to look at.

Volkswagen Golf Hatchback

Aesthetically the slickest of the three cars we’re featuring, the Volkswagen Golf in hatchback, the car also drives very nicely. It handles much better than most cars in its range. A little pricey to buy, but due to the new engine and transmission, it is lower-cost to run – and even the lowest cost option, the 1 litre petrol, has a little zest to it. As well as that, this 7th generation Golf classic has some enhanced safety features which have been made standard.

The interior is finished to a very high quality, and although it may not be quite as spacious as the others on the list, the square hatchback does allow plenty of room for cargo.

Today, there are a wide variety of cars to choose from – and many parents choose SUVs or other large jeep-type vehicles. The traditional hatchback is, however, a better choice for budget-conscious and environmentally-friendly parents. Each of these cars has a five-star safety rating, and would be fine choices for small families.

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