The Best Energy Saving Products for your Home

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  • Homeware experts, VonHaus, have put together a handy guide on which household products can help you conserve energy, and how to use them properly
  • Products such as air fryers, stove fans and variable temperature kettles are incredibly efficient and can save you money in the long run

Searches for ‘how to save money on my energy bills’ have skyrocketed to 350% in the last three months as people plan for a winter of increasing bills.

Homeware experts VonHaus have compiled a list of energy saving products that will heat your home for less – saving you money and energy in the long run, alongside tips on how to use them to their maximum potential.

1. Variable Temperature Kettles

Variable temperature kettles allow you to control the temperature you’re heating your water too and have energy-saving ‘quick boil’ functions for when the appliance is only partially full.

Not only are these features great for saving energy, they’re also useful for certain types of tea that brew best at certain temperatures.

How to use efficiently:

  • Use the hot water right away after your kettle has finished boiling
  • Only fill up the required amount. Don’t overfill your kettle
  • Save the extra hot water in a flask
  • Always turn your plug off at the mains when not in use
  • Regularly descale your kettle – a build-up of limescale can affect kettle performance, especially if you live in a hard water area
  • If your hot beverage of choice tastes best at a lower temperature, the use of a varied temperature kettle allows you to reduce your energy usage; it makes a significant difference whether you brew a green tea with water that just reached 176°F/80°C rather than boiling point and then waiting for it to cool.

2. Air Fryers

Air Fryers have been all the rage this year, and not only are they hugely convenient, healthy and usually quicker than a regular oven – they save more energy too.

Thanks to a large fan and the heating elements inside, they roast food like a regular oven but also make it crispier than an oven would too!

  • Air Fryers are a quick and healthier way of cooking meals. No preheating is required, using less energy and cooking time
  • Defrost food, if possible, before cooking. This can quicken cooking times and reduce how much energy is being used
  • Always turn off your plugs at the mains when not in use

3. Induction Hobs

Unlike older hobs which heat the surface area and then the pan, induction hobs only heat the pan itself for faster cooking. This method is much more energy efficient.

  • Use the same pan size as the hob size. This will avoid wasting heat and only use the energy that is needed 
  • Always turn off your plug at the mains when not in use

4. Portable Radiators

Although older portable radiators are known for using a lot of energy, newer models are quite the opposite and use less electricity than you might think.

  • You can transfer the portable radiator to heat any room required. No need for central heating to heat all rooms not being used
  • Use the timer to set the radiators to heat for only the times required
  • You can use the radiator during the winter months to dry your wet washing. This will save the use of the tumble dryer or central heating system.

5. Electric Blankets

Another way to keep your bills down this winter is the trusty, and cosy electric blanket. This is the perfect energy efficient way to heat yourself and not your room.

  • Using an electric blanket at night reduces the need to use the central heating system
  • You could also cuddle up this winter under a heated electric throw, a perfect addition to keep you toastie on movie night and reduce the need to heat your entire home.

6. Stove fans

Stove fans, like regular fans, push air into the room – however the difference to the fans you’ve had on all summer is that these actually take hot hair from your stove or log burner and propel that instead.

They also only heat the room you’re in, rather than your whole house – and work quickly, unlike central heating, making them far more energy efficient.

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