The Top 3 Options for Driveways in the UK

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Why choose tarmac for your driveway in the UK? It’s highly weather resistant and can survive storms, hail and ice. It’s ideal for parking larger vehicles on so if you have a truck, Land Rover or 7 Seater it would the idea choice. The smooth finish allows for resistance to skids – so if you had a sloping driveway you should consider tarmac especially for the winter months…Not to mention it’s one of the most durable driveway materials so it will outmost other options. The fact it is low cost maintenance and quick and easy to install helps if you are on a budget but still want an impactful driveway and one that looks smart and stylish then tarmac is the one for you!

Clay Paving

Clay also has a high skid resistant but also some other factors and benefits you might not know about. It has great fade resistant properties which means it will look fresh for many years to come. Also due to the low water absorption by the clay material, it’s pretty resistant to staining and can resist discolouration pretty well – especially from diesel/petrol like you might find on a driveway. If you choose a company that makes clay paving well, you can also expect that it will repel abrasion from things such as road salt. Thankfully this is another option that is easily maintained and can be joyfully cleaned using a pressure washer – immense satisfaction!

Stone Paving

Another very durable substance, doesn’t crack or chip. They can withstand both ends of the temperature scale – so handy for the hot British summers as well as the occasional deep cold winter – you are prepared for everything. Repairing stone paving is super easy as you just have to pull the one single item out and put a new one in. Another low maintenance option that doesn’t absorb grime or change colour and easy hosed down.

The most exciting thing about stone paving is the infinite patterns and colour combinations you can design for your drive – even a flag or symbol.

As you can see, there are multiple options over and above concrete, for laying your next driveway. It’s worth doing a cost and benefits analysis to see which item would suit and your lifestyle the best, as well as your local area, weather and also the type of car you will be having on top of the actual driveway – as a small electrical car might get away with a very different type of drive than a big diesel 4×4.

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