The long road back to sustainable tourism

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Recent headlines of sunseekers bombarding Bournemouth beach has really polarised the tourism-based communities.  Beautiful countryside in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset are under threat from two angles – those city dwellers who are looking for a short getaway but also the dwindling tourism cash that has been a boon for their economy for over a hundred years that stopped abruptly on 23rd March 2020.

Hotels in places like Cornwall will be very keen to have holidaymakers come back and spending in the resort.  I’m sure you are thinking of a lovely seaside break and injecting money back into our economy but wondering how you could do so without ruffling any local feathers.  I have outlined a few tips to keep in mind for those opting in for a domestic break this summer.

Respect for Pandemic procedures. 

Using facial masks in shops, gloves at the petrol pumps and respecting people’s person space will be paramount.  If you see a beach that is vastly overcrowded – use a bit of common sense and go somewhere else or even to a nice bit of countryside inland – it’s not all about the beaches!    Think about toilet stops and personal hygiene as many public areas are overwhelmed with visitors.

Respect for the Environment

It’s not hard!  Take your rubbish away with you, leave no trace.  Sometimes it’s worth carrying an extra bag just to pop all the rubbish and waste food in.  If you are out with your dog – pick up his waste and bin it!  Don’t leave the bags lying around.  Smokers should retain butts and dispose of them back at base.  You can get wee stub out pouches that will help with this. 

Respect for Local Business

The understanding that big business that have been open such as Tesco, McDonalds and such and that those little café’s and restaurants that were forced to close need your help!

From beach side ice-cream shacks to boutique local craft shops – please shop small business and local as it will really help stimulate their economies. 

Holidays don’t have to involve trekking about all over the county to all the hot spots the other travellers will be aiming for – maybe the most luxurious break for you is to lie in till Midday then relax with an amazing lunch with a view then a walk around town.  There are many options with the type of accommodation you choose that will enable you to be socially distance yet enjoy a good break – such as

A spa type hotel gives you the option of enjoying a private pool/massage and beat the crowds.   Bliss can sometimes come from quiet isolation.

One of Cornwall’s stunning beachside hotels with a private beach will allow you to enjoy the coastline without rubbing shoulders with the masses and being unable to socially distance.

People in the UK are not allowed to stay overnight until Step 3 which is meant to commence on 4th of July. You must follow government advice regarding travel during the pandemic.

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