Win the Lottery and Visit Saint-Tropez, France

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People who win the lottery are often ready to pack up and take a luxury vacation.  Even those among us who travel and stay in nice locations would like to experience a trip that is usually exclusive to the ultra-rich, celebrities, royalty, and jet-setters. 

Opening in 2013 and operating in more than a dozen countries, industry giant Lottoland has created a lot of millionaires. They offer more than 30 lotteries in the UK plus a variety of smaller games and lottos that add up to big winnings. With a customer base of more than 6-million people, they know the desires of people who suddenly strike it rich. People often ask where to find the very best luxury vacation locations. Lottoland has amassed an impressive list of vacation locations for the newly rich to travel with their lottery winnings.  Saint Tropez is one of those places.

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Saint Tropez, France

Les Parcs de Saint-Tropez was founded in 1951. The founder was Robert Geffroy, who happened upon the location when his yacht engine died. He first saw a small fishing village, but very close by was the most beautiful beach he had ever seen. This spot had already become a favorite for some celebrities even in this natural state, but that was nothing compared to what was to come. 

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Residents and visitors

Jacques Gaston “Tony” Murray, a World War II hero who later made a fortune in fire extinguishers, owns a home in Saint Tropez. For years, Murray hosted the “jet-set bash of the summer”.  Just a few of the guests who attended include;  Ivana Trump, Naomi Campbell, Elton John, and Prince Andrew. Some of the pool-side entertainment included stars like Natalie Cole.

There are more than 150-homes on the seaside. Owners and guests are allowed visitors. The homes are accessible by car, which is usually luxury automobiles with paid drivers, or by helicopter. The homes are equipped to handle the docking of their huge yachts. 

Things To Do In Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez represents the best of the glamour and the beauty of the French Riviera. The beauty of the sea is unsurpassed in this part of the country. There are several exclusive beach clubs with the finest of everything. It is not unusual to see celebrities of all walks of life strolling through the historic village. The original fishing village has been beautifully kept so people can enjoy the history of the town. 


You will also find designer boutiques and top-of-the-line shops like:

  • Stefan Szczesny Art Workshop
    • Artwork of all kinds
  • Objects
    • Tableware, lamps, and various house-ware
  • K. Jacques 
    • Famous hand-crafted sandals
  • Poterie des 3 regress pottery
    • Family-owned company for traditional French Pottery
  • Dior Boutique
    • High fashion
  • Titamala
    • Custom jewelry
  • La Grande Braderle
    • Annual Fashion Sale 

There are many other fine places to shop for anything you would like. These fine shops are used to dealing with celebrities and can arrange to ship anywhere in the world.

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If you are a food lover, Saint Tropez is the place for you. Saint Tropez has many wonderful restaurants that not only offer wonderful food but also relaxing and luxurious environments for you to enjoy your meal. You will never find a more fulfilling dining experience. 

  • La Voile Restaurant, Ramatuelle

            Michelin starred restaurant in La Reserve Hotel & Spa

Chef Eric Canino is famous for his generous menu of authentic foods of the south. The restaurant offers a breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet. You will dine on the terrace under beautiful white sail shades, overlooking the Mediterranean. 

  • La Vague d’Or Restaurant, Saint Tropez

Michelin starred restaurant in Cheval Blanc with 3-stars

Chef Arnaud Donckele is a master of his craft. He insists on the highest standards in pure and refreshing cuisine. Each meal is wonderfully accompanied by the chief wine steward’s selection of wines. They are open for dinner every day except Wednesdays in the summer. 

  • Villa Belrose Restaurant, Gassin

Michelin star restaurant in the Hotel Villa Belrose

Guests at the restaurant of the Hotel Villa Belrose can enjoy a modern Mediterranean French grand cuisine, with Italian influences. Eat on the large terrace with beautiful views of the bay. 

  • L’Isoletta Restaurant, Saint-Tropez

Located in the Bastide de Saint Tropez Hotel

Sardinian Chef Alessandro Caria creates Italian, Mediterranean, and quality cuisine. Located in an area where there are 100-year old olive trees and natural produce and products for his dishes, Chef Alessandro uses local and fresh food to create his meals. This is the place to come for traditional Italian food and lots of it. 

  • La Palmeraie Restaurant, La Croix Valmer

            Michelin-starred restaurant of the Chateau de Valmer hotel

Chef Jimmy Coutel Creates cuisine inspired by his organic vegetable garden and fresh seasonal produce. He serves gastronomic dishes to excite the taste buds. The recipes are Mediterranean and Provencal traditions.

All of the restaurants listed above are renowned Michelin Star rated restaurants and they are not alone. There are a total of eight Michelin-starred restaurants in Saint Tropez plus many other wonderful restaurants to enjoy your favorite foods from around the globe 

There is a reason why the rich flock to this town for vacation. Saint Tropez is nature and man’s best efforts. This is a place where you can just relax and enjoy every beautiful thing nature can offer or be pampered like a billionaire. The one thing that is certain is, you will never forget this trip 

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