The makeup brand of 2015 Charlotte Tilbury

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Launching a new makeup line can be tough in these uncertain economic times.  Many women are already brand loyal to houses like Clinique, Chanel, boots No7 or even Bourjois.  Stepping away from their comfort zone to try a new brand takes a bit of convincing

So who better to convince grown women about makeup than legendary makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury?  She’s seen it and done it all…with the gift to get a haggered Kate Moss magazine cover ready or Penelope Cruz red carpet perfect she is at the cutting edge of makeup techniques and knows exactly what should be available to women in the market place.  With the explosion of twenty something beauty bloggers on all corners of the internet baaahing over the products they like/have been gifted the fabulous Tilbury in her 40s comes with credibility, class and catwalk tested solutions.

Tilbury’s hero products;

Magic cream Treat & Transform Moisturiser with SPF 15


This wonderful 3 in one cream acts as a primer, Moisturiser and radiance builder.  It can be smeared on to jet lagged, weary or hungover skin and left for 20 minutes to works its magic while you focus on your hair or nails.  Or it can be gently applied to the skin ready for makeup to go straight over the top.  I’ve tried many such primers, moisturisers and illuminating products but I just love this one.  It’s light yet rich, absorbent, instantly refreshing.  It contains hyaluronic acid boosters and floral extracts, rosehip oil and vitamin E

The Retouch Concealer pen – £25


It’s hands down better than touché eclat in my opinion, it has a slightly peachier tone to it as well as being light but with enough coverage for those hideous under eye dark circles.

Colour Chameleon Colour Morphing Eyeshadow Pencil- £19


When I first read about these I instantly thought, so she’s telling me brown eyed people should only wear these two colours?  Ooo I’m not sure I like that, I pride myself on choosing the most flattering colours for me and as a neutral toned brown eyed girl I’ve rocked green, blue, pink and worse.

The chameleon eye pencils work because she has chosen two shades for each eye colour – one for day and one for night – so you oh don’t have to do the work.  These absolutely budge proof colours go on the eyelids and flatter/change tone ever so slightly to flatter your eye colour.  What is wonderful about them is they are bomb proof (I will be testing this theory on my wedding day) incredibly flattering, very portable and easy to use.  The main trick with them is blending or applying with a brush as once they are on, they ain’t going anywhere!

Rock n Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil (The Eye Cheat shade) – £19


In the nineties we were sold the makeup tip that lining your bottom waterline with a white pencil would make you look more awake and your eyes bigger.  Turns out it looked awful.  Charlotte has adapted this theory using a more flattering nude shade which does exactly what the white was meant to….bigger and more awake looking eyes.  I bet she’s used this on Kate moss more than once 😉

The rest of the Rock n Kohl colours are as expected from eyeliners – browns, black and purple.  The brown I tried as a swatch is still on the back of my hand 12 hours later.  It’s practically bomb proof.

Filmstar Bronze & Glow – £49


I haven’t actually tried this particular product myself but have read countless favourable reviews and since the other products I have tried are nigh on close to perfection in the beauty product world I will take their word for it.  Charlotte, like many other guru makeup artists uses contouring and highlighting as a way to sculpt the face, accentuate cheekbones and lip bows as well as toning down bigger noses or round jaw lines.  This absolutely gorgeous, Art Deco style compact contains one cool toned contour colour (to create shadow) and one radiant colour to create highlights.  The radiant colour is bereft of the usual shimmer or glittery particles and is perfect for tops of cheekbones, Cupid’s bow and other places (you can check out her video on contouring and highlighting for more tips on how to use this product)

From Selfridges

Her range excels in every area from packaging and ingredients to application and staying power.   Could this be the holy grail beauty range….one you try you don’t buy anything else?

You can buy the range at Selfridges or Net a Porter.  I received a few of these items for review directly from Charlotte Tilbury’s Beauty PR although the reviews are entirely my opinion.  I’ve tried a fair amount of beauty products – this stuff is GOOD.

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