The Most Female-Friendly Destinations in the World

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Exploring an unfamiliar country can be daunting for anyone – but with more serious threats typically targeted towards women, solo female travellers have every right to be cautious. However, a 2014 study conducted by says that two-thirds of women prefer holidaying on their own, and over half are more likely to strike out solo now than they were five years ago.  Whilst many issues are an ongoing concern in every corner of the world, there are certain holiday destinations that cater better to solo female travellers. These areas are equally safe and exciting, and the hospitality of locals is unmatched. Below, explore some of the most female-friendly countries for solo travellers.




Not only is Ireland known for its friendly and hospitable locals, its urban and rural areas are equally excellent. Female travellers can wander Dublin and enjoy lively conversation with locals over pints at a pub, or take their time exploring the lush countryside. Plus, the country has a wide array of affordable bed and breakfast hotels ideally suited to women travelling alone.


Canada has earned an international reputation for being home to some of the kindest people in the world. Helpful, polite and warm, Canadians are the perfect people for a female traveller to cross paths with. The second largest country in the world has thriving bar and café scenes in Vancouver and Montreal, as well as endless sublime camping, hiking and kayaking opportunities throughout Canada’s Pacific Northwest coast so strap on your hiking boots & get exploring.

Costa Rica

This country is ideal for women eager to experience both adventure travel and total relaxation. Here, female travellers can sign up for guided jungle tours, fishing expeditions, white water rafting courses or zip lining excursions. When tired out from all the adrenaline, female travellers can enjoy a spa day or sunbathe on the beach. Not very skilled at Spanish? Don’t worry—the locals are easy to approach and eager to help out.




Complete with incredible street food, local art, gorgeous beaches and hospitable locals, Vietnam is an obvious, albeit underrated, destination for women. Not only is there plenty of culture and outdoor adventure, the food is remarkable and the cost of living and travel is very cheap, making it easy for women to book private rooms at an affordable rate.

New Zealand

Home to Queenstown, tagged as the adventure capital of the world, New Zealand has infinite outdoor activities to partake in. Women travellers can join group tours to go skydiving, bungee jumping, parasailing, hiking, surfing, spelunking, horseback riding, biking or paragliding. If the adventure sport variety isn’t your scene, New Zealand has top-notch wineries where female travellers can enjoy a glass while overlooking the country’s idyllic landscape.


Female travellers will have a host of exciting options when in Germany: Visit a museum, take an art class, scope out a café, sample the local beer, walk through the many parks and gardens or just wander the streets. Not only are the majority of locals highly proficient in numerous languages, they are extremely friendly and eager to get to know newcomers. Plus, Germany’s efficient rail system makes travelling around the country easy and stress-free.




With stunning temples, beachside yoga, massages, cheap lodging and even cheaper food, Indonesia is a prime destination for women. Travellers can spend their days alternating between the jungle and the beach, the open-air street markets and the religious temples, Bali and the nearby islands. Best known for its spiritual and peaceful vibe, Indonesia is the ideal place for an independent woman seeking restoration and peace.


Female travellers can go from exploring Tokyo to taking a fast train out of the bustling city and past Mount Fuji to experience the country’s natural beauty and tranquility—all in a single day. The country’s many compact inns and hotels are practically designed for the solo female, while authentic sushi bars make the perfect place for solo dining.


With its friendly and multi-lingual locals, abundance of culture and compact city streets, Sweden makes travelling easy and fun. Female travellers can visit a café, linger in an art museum, shop for design supplies or furniture or head to the countryside for lakeside hiking and stunning views. The country’s capital of Stockholm is easily navigable on foot and bike (not to mention kayaks, which visitors can rent to cruise around the archipelago waters that surround the city). Travelling alone needn’t be a daunting and stressful experience for women. In fact, the liberating experience of travelling solo is a growing trend and there are plenty of single females exploring the world by themselves every year. With countries and tour operators catering for solo female travellers, the options are greater and the concerns reduced.



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