The Original Coastal Crush – Meet Orly’s Summer 2017 Nailpolishes

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For every gal who has a love affair with nailpolish, Orly has released a set of summerlicious pinks, reds and blues that look like they stepped straight from the beach. Here, our model wears two coats each of ‘For The First Time’ – a bright, fuchsia lacquer with blue overtones, and ‘Sea You Soon’ – a mid blue with microscopic flecks of glitter.

For The First Time goes on smoothly and even allows you to make ‘adjustments’ with your brush while the coat dries, leaving no marks after. An intense, vivid shade of fuchsia, it’ll get you noticed. Because lacquers tend to show up dents and knocks, you might use a base coat or filler first to disguise any unevenness in your nail.

Sea You Soon definitely needs two coats to give decent coverage on the nail, as the first looked opaque. The finish is subdued and the glitter pieces don’t lend anything to the overall sheen. We thought this shade on the nail differed from that in the bottle, however it evened out our model’s nails without prior use of a basecoat, so that is a big plus.

Other shades in this 18ml bottle range are Summer Fling – peach tone (see below), Surfer Dude -orange tone, No Regrets – pink/red tone, Under The Stars – deep indigo tone (see featured image).

Orly’s nailpolishes are free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin. Get yours for around £9 per bottle – visit Orly for more information.

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