The power of the Perfect Mattress

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Can a mattress change your life? We’re not being dramatic here, it really can. There may be a number of factors preventing you from getting to sleep — an unsupportive mattress is one. You might be aware that your mattress isn’t great, but most people don’t realise just how much of a difference the right mattress can make to achieving the night of your dreams. 

Repercussions of a Bad Mattress

Your lack of sleep isn’t just making you tired and grouchy. Research shows that conditions like insomnia are linked to poor mental health such increased anxiety and depression. Lack of sleep is also linked to a bunch of other health problems from heart disease to obesity. And it doesn’t stop there… When you aren’t properly rested your memory and focus suffer meaning you might not perform as well at work, but your libido can fall too, which combined with mood swings mean your relationships could also take a hit.

Can all this be fixed by the right mattress? Well you might need to make a few more changes to get the perfect night’s sleep, but the right mattress is certainly the best start.

Picking the Right Mattress 

Did you know that your sleeping position is extremely important in picking a mattress that really supports you?

If you are a notorious side sleeper or you move around a lot at night, you need a mattress that reduces the pressure on the joints that are constantly in contact with the mattress. A medium-firm memory foam mattress will offer you this support and help to keep your spine level to avoid pain and stiffness that could prevent you from getting to sleep, or worse, that follows you around all day.

If you prefer your naps face down, then your front sleeping style requires a different kind of support. Sleeping on your stomach can strain your neck and put pressure on your abdominal organs, none of which is ideal. To combat this, you need a softer mattress that can sink to the shape of your body but that offers enough support to keep your spine aligned, like a premium hybrid mattress.

Face up snoozers need a similar level of support as the face downers with focus on the arch of the lower back. A slightly firmer hybrid mattress will also do the trick.

Remember to factor in your own weight. As a general rule, lighter people are more prone to the comfort of a soft bed whereas heavier people usually require a little more support

If you’re unsure of your sleep type or you share you bed with someone so don’t know what kind of mattress to go for, why not take the Helix Sleep Quiz to find out, you could end up with a customised mattress perfect for your needs.

So there you have it. If your mattress has been giving you trouble, or its showing any of these tell tale signs that its time to replace it, have a little think about the wonders that a good night’s sleep could do for you, and put a little more though into buying your next mattress.

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