Things small business should consider when taking on a fleet

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Perhaps you have a small business and you are looking to next level up – up until now you’ve been in a fixed location but now getting out and about in the field and being mobile is the crux of moving the business forward. 

Taking on a fleet of cars sounds like a bold move and it certainly is – there’s a number of pitfalls and considerations you need to be aware of.


Fuel can be expensive when travelling around, there’s a big difference between inner city petrol stations and rural ones – as well as consumption which can vary from the urban to the motorway environments. The price of fuel at the local station can also vary from day to day and world events can often hike the price. A fuel card can help in this instance and should be a consideration for your business – not only will it give you fixed weekly prices across their network but also will make the paperwork and accounting part of things much easier.  There are many other benefits that a fuel card can bring – you can find more information here.


Make sure you get rock solid insurance with courtesy car available and an easy network of mechanics available that will work quickly.  Also ensure you have a good breakdown cover – for example if your vehicles are involved with transporting clients from place to place – you don’t want to get caught out with them in a breakdown. Ensure that everyone can get home immediately without having to leave the vehicle behind.

Make and model

Consider the type of vehicle that will represent your business.  Does it fit with the business ethos and vision?  Eg a clean, eco-friendly business would want to be represented by a fleet of electrical or hybrid cars.  What the fuel consumption is based on the kinds of journeys they will be doing as there’s no point having a car that has great mileage on the open road if all of your journeys will be short stop and start trips in the city (such as a lettings company for example)  The car may look fantastic but you’ll end up paying more than you need to in fuel bills.

Staff Conduct

It’s important to ensure those using the vehicles and perhaps taking them home overnight are ensuring that they are left in a safe place away from high crime areas, that the staff know that extra usage outside of their intended purpose is either allowed or not permitted and no member of staff is see doing anything in or around the branded vehicle that would affect the good standing of the business or besmirch their name. 


How you brand your fleet is also a huge consideration.  Are you going to have the vehicle wrapped in a great big sticker? Basically being a travelling business card with the phone number and website on it so anyone passing it can easily spot who it is representing?  Or you might consider a more low key side panel branding where the company name is present but in a much smaller format.  Also the colour of the vehicle could make a big impact if it’s important to your business.  Certain colours stick out very easily and you’ll soon get known for using them – “that company with the yellow cars” for example!

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