Top tips for creating a promotional video for your business

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When coming up with a marketing campaign for your business, you will have probably explored many options. You might already have social media posts scheduled, converse regularly with your followers, and are collaborating with influencers on sponsored content. However, what else can you do to market your business? A promotional video is a good option as it provides a succinct introduction to your business and products, and can be used on your website and social media channels, as well as be shown to potential clients as an introduction during meetings. Here are some top tips for creating a promotional video for your business.

Identify your audience

Who your promotional video is intended for will have an impact on its style and delivery. A video posted on Twitter, for instance, is likely to be more casual than one created for use at corporate events and placed on your website. It might help to create a detailed buyer persona, if you have not already done this for your existing marketing campaigns.  Doing this will help to further focus your video and style of delivery. 

Write a script

Though you might be good at giving presentations off the cuff, it is always better to prepare a script for your promotional video to ensure that all your points are presented in as professional a manner as possible. Brainstorm exactly what you want to say before writing your script and structure it in a logical way. Write as you speak – this will help to make your script sound more natural. Though you should learn your script off by heart, don’t let it hinder you – even the greatest actors forget their lines sometimes, and you want to have enough confidence to be able to ad-lib should this happen.

Hire a professional videographer

You might be tempted to film your promotional video yourself, especially if you are on a budget. However, a professional videographer, such as, will add a professional touch to your promotional video, and bring a certain level of expertise on aspects such as lighting, filming angles and editing that you might not necessarily be aware of. This will help to ensure that your promotional video has the professionalism and high-quality look required to ensure that it really makes an impact and therefore shows your business to its best possible advantages.

Get your lighting right 

Good quality lighting is often the difference between a video gloomy and a video looking professional. As a simple guide, sunlight from a window is often the best lighting choice during the day, and for balanced lighting make sure that the window is directly in front of you. However, ensure that the window is not overly flooded by sunlight, as this can create harsh shadows on your face that you don’t want. If you don’t have access to a suitable window, or are filming at night, an LED light can provide you with a soft light source to illuminate your face. 

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