This Hallowe’en, Romance Like Romeo And Juliet With SpeedDater

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Today’s singletons juggle so much, it’s a wonder they have time to meet. In fact it seems even though a new dating site or app springs up periodically, in a bid to get people coupled up, singletons are too busy swiping left and right and gazing at profiles. Critics say dating events are contrived, and that results are often mixed because the competition is high, leaving patrons coming away disappointed yet again. Well, here’s a twist. What if you could combine a themed event with the possibility of meeting someone special? Themed events take some of the pressure off, which is good for shy people and helps you get more out of the evening.

Cue SpeedDater, who are the UK’s no.1 dating company.
SpeedDater lay on weekly events for people of all ages, with activities such as cooking, lock and key icebreakers and regular speed-dating. This Saturday’s themed party combines Hallowe’en with a touch of Shakespeare, in memory of Romeo and Juliet who gave their lives for love. Of course we’re not suggesting you should end up like they did. Simply join up to 200 other singletons at this thespian funeral. The benefit of regulated events is that patrons are vetted prior to joining, so the only scary characters you will meet are the masks themselves. Also ladies – remember that guys like to bond through activity, and there’s sure to be a lot of acting going on.

SpeedDater’s themed Romeo and Juliet’s Funeral this Hallowe’en Saturday is at the Abbey Bar in east central London. You’ll meet a broad age range of likeminded singletons and there’s a happy hour to help you get settled in. So dress up in your best horror outfit and get your thespian flirt on. If nothing else, you’re bound to have a laugh along the way, and you never know, you may scare up a new love into your life. Tickets are already selling.

Visit Hallowe’en party for booking information.

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