Hallowe’en Blood Red Wines From Laithwaite’s

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We found these beasties after dusting off the cobwebs in our closet. Thankfully they’re all still available at Laithwaite’s Wine so why not add a chill to your celebrations this Hallowe’en?

Lobo e Falcão 2019, red blend, Portugal, 14% abv

This ‘Wolf and Falcon’ wine is made on the 17th century estate owned by the Lobo de Vasconcellos family, once the location of the king’s falconry. By blending the Syrah grape with local varieties the result is a pungent nose followed by a mysterious, velvety palate of coffee and red fruit. Wicked enough to satisfy your hunger during this blood red season. £8.99 per bottle.

Tarantella Merlot 2018, Italy, 13.5% abv

Your spidey senses will love this medium bodied wine for its violet hue. It’s also easy to drink, though one gulp is said to mimic the movement of a spider as it slips down the throat. Expect a damson and plum palate once you’ve treasured the spicy nose. £10.99 per bottle.

Bullfrog 2019, red blend, France, 14.5% abv

It’s not easy to ignore this lively wine that is sure to bring out the ghoul in you. Almost black in colour, the palate is bursting with spicy licorice and darkest red fruit. Full bodied, so would pair well with red meats and strong cheeses. £10.99 per bottle.

For more ghoulish tipples creep here www.laithwaites.co.uk

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