Seasonal Ending Of Summer Wines

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In these closing days of summer we are bringing you juicy reds, dry whites and rosé wines great for sharing and picnicking with*.

From Laithwaite’s: – see featured image

Escudo de Oro Muscat 2018, 12% abv, Spain

This is a wine that tastes exactly like its grape and is a Godsend if you find it in the dry variety. The palate is fragrant with a hint of fruity peach and is among the author’s faves.

Aluado Chardonnay 2019, 13% abv, Portugal

A timeless wine of luscious melon with a hint of green apple on the palate. Refreshing and summery, it would be a crime to not showcase this grape here.

Sol De Valencia 2018, Gewurztraminer, 12% abv, Spain

A strong palate of lychee and fresh oranges means this wine can pair with most foods, including punchy red meats.   

Primátor Weizen, 4.8% abv, Czechoslovakia

Those of you who like craft beer will find this wheat variety refreshing and creamy to your tastebuds, following the bitter aftertaste. *Great for a barbecue with friends at home or in the park.

For prices and more visit Laithwaite’s here:

From Virgin Wines:

Their mixed case of 12 bottles contains 3 reds, 3 whites and 6 rosés so has something for every taste – link below.

A selection from Virgin Wines’ mixed case

At around £108 this works out at £8.99 per bottle. Here’s our verdict on the best wines we sampled from this case:

La Fama Carmenere 2018, 13.5% abv, Chile

Peppery notes abound – typical of wines from this part of the world. Made from Carmenere grapes, the palate is infused with mineral overtones and plum fruit.

Blackfoot Daisy Rosé 2018, 13.5% abv, Southeast Australia

This easy to glug wine offers strawberry red fruit that bounces on the palate. To appreciate that and the floral bouquet of we recommend drinking alone.

Les Arbousiers d’Oc Sauvignon Blanc 2016, 12% abv, France

Find rich passionfruit seeping through followed by a hint of coolness for a satisfying sip. 

Coorong Sounds Shiraz Jose Rose 2018, 14% abv, Australia

Blackcurrant-y with dark chocolate overtones and a long finish. Pair with strongly flavoured red meats.

Find more from Virgin Wines here:

*Do check the lockdown rules on multiple person gatherings in your area before embarking on a get together.

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