Red Autumn Wines for 2022 – The Big, The Bold, and The Rosé

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Weather-wise, we’ve recently passed through a season reminiscent of early spring, with sunshine warming the UK. Nonetheless, it is officially autumn and as usual we look forward to bringing you a selection of robust and juicy reds to warm your innards. All at a reasonable price from your local supermarket, and online retailer.

McPherson Andrew’s Reserve Shiraz 2020, Australia, 14.5% abv

As usual, most Aussie wines pack a punch and this full bodied wine from a five-decades plus brewer is no different. Expect a hint of black pepper and spice on the nose and strong overtones of damson, plum and blackcurrant on the palate. Recommended for drinking with strongly flavoured red meats and sauces. £9.99 per bottle – Laithwaites Wine.

Ultima Edizione Quattro Uve NV by Villa Farnia, Italy, 2021, 13.5% abv

Burnt dark berry flavours dance on the palate and combine with black pepper to keep you warm. Fermented from Montepulciano, Sangiovese, dark Primitivo and spicy Negroamaro grapes for a fuller, fulfilling flavour. Bottled unfiltered, to retain all the wine’s antioxidants and flavours so it should be decanted before drinking. Currently not in stock at Laithwaites Wine – keep checking the website.

Pierre Jaurant Mediterranée Rosé, France, 2021, 12.5% abv

For those who have a lighter palate, this rosé boasts non typical nectarine, peach and white floral notes on the palate. Bone dry in the palate, easy drinking and lively. Pair with salad or white fish for balance. £5.49 per bottle – Aldi.

Canyon Springs California Shiraz, USA, 13.5% abv

Be advised – this wine is heavy on black pepper, which we found can quickly overwhelm both the nose of blackcurrant and cherry, and palate of blackcurrant and vanilla. We felt this wine was better left opened for a few days, to soften its pungency. Attribute this drink to local winemaker Jorge Ibanez. Drinks well alongside meaty casseroles and stews. £8.99 per bottle – Aldi.

Castelore Barolo, Italy, 2017, 12.5% abv

A full bodied from part of Aldi’s Specially Selected range. Made from the Nebbiolo grape, hints of liquorice and tobacco mix on the palate, together with jam, red fruit and plum for a balanced and silky experience. £9.99 per bottle – Aldi.

Buenos Vidas Cabernet Saugvignon, Argentina, 2020, 14.0% abv

Another wine from Aldi’s Specially Selected range, with a palate that reflects nose’s notes of blackberry, raspberry and quince. This combined with spicy overtones bring you a delightful tipple for the autumn.  From local winemaker Jorge Ibanez. Drink alongside meaty casseroles and stews. £6.49 per bottle – Aldi.

Please drink in moderation. We’ll be back with our usual Christmas recommendations, where we’ll have a bit of everything for all tastes.

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