Three Ways to Connect with Your Elderly Parent

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Life is all about change. The dynamic flow of time and circumstance push each and every one of us towards our futures. Not every change is good, either. Growing old can be very frustrating, and this frustration can actually cause people to close themselves off from the world. This is especially true if their loved ones do nothing but make them feel like they are infirm.

Knowing how to connect and engage with your elderly parent, while still giving them a sense of dignity and independence, is key to helping your loved one. Making all the decisions for them, not listening to them, and not valuing their opinion and their right to choose what happens to them is not how you go about strengthening your bond. Instead, follow these tips:

Hang Out Just for the Sake of It

Don’t visit just to make sure that all of the bills are paid and that they are eating healthy meals. Visit for the sake of visiting them. Take them out, invite them over, and socialize. There is no reason age has to put a fissure between you and your parents. All you need to do is hang out with them for the sake of seeing them.

Helping them Get on the Health Track

If you aren’t already living a healthy lifestyle, you need to change that immediately. Everyone, young and old, will benefit from healthier and more nutritious foods, as well as more regular exercise. You can achieve both a healthier body and a better bond with your parents simply by bringing them in on your health journey. Go on walks together, bike around town, try out healthy recipes when you visit, and so on. Make becoming healthy a bonding experience, just remember to go in as partners, not to tell your mother or father what is best for them.

Take Care of Them

When their health issues are advanced, and they need regular care, you don’t need to help them adjust to living in a retirement home. Instead, you can help them apply for at-home medical care instead. Living at home is very beneficial to anyone’s mental health, and this arrangement can help them keep as much dignity and independence as possible. To help them out further, however, you can apply to be their personal aide through the CDPAP process. You will be trained and even paid for the work you do taking care of your ailing parent and you will be able to provide this care right in their own home. This is huge in terms of mental health and wellness of patients, as they can choose someone they trust and are familiar with. To get started with this option, you will need to visit for more information.

Taking care of your elderly parent doesn’t mean that you shut them off. Instead, communicate. The more open and honest you are with your words; the fewer misunderstandings can develop. Connect with them by hanging out with them, helping them get their health on track by joining in on the journey, and by becoming certified to help them with their medical needs. The more normal you make each activity, the better.

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