TikTok’s Favourite Exercises To Make Working Out Fun

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Keyword:TikTok Hashtag Views:Average Monthly Search Volume:
Walking Treadmill74.6K6,280
Weighted Hula Hoop207.6M126,560
Skipping Rope Workout1.8M2,680
Dance Workout137.4M6,310
Water Aerobics3.9M2,200

Walking Treadmill

Although you may think of treadmills as being boring, this doesn’t have to be the case! Make the most of the time you spend walking by listening to your favourite playlist, getting lost in an audiobook or chatting to a friend, turning it from a mundane form of exercise into your own time. With 74.6K TikTok views and over 6.2K monthly searches, you are not the only one looking to spice up your workout so use the opportunity to switch off from a stressful day and make walking fun again.

Image source: TikTok @madisonraehildreth

Weighted Hula Hoop

Being the most viewed TikTok hashtag with 207.6M views, weighted hula hoops took social media by storm last year when people saw the opportunity to achieve fast results. The chance to strengthen your core muscles, burn calories and shed fat from the comfort of your own home is perfect for those who don’t have the time to hit the gym or may struggle with confidence in a public space. With over 126.5K Google searches each month, this time of year is perfect for trying a weighted hula hoop for yourself out in the garden.

Image source: TikTok @tasialea17

Skipping Rope Workout

Take a trip down memory lane as you dig out your old skipping rope, turning your childhood pastime into a fun workout. Being low cost, easy to take with you on the go and a quick way to burn calories, it’s no wonder the hashtag has 1.8M views and that it is searched 2.6K times a month on Google. Once you get going, skipping is an effective way to engage the whole body so get jumping and make fitness fun again!

Image source: TikTok @esragram

Dance Workout

Let’s be honest, we all love to dance! Take your moves away from the club and pop on your favourite playlist at home, moving to the beat and forgetting that you’re even working out. As well as being a great way to burn fat, dancing is shown to release plenty of endorphins so you can notice the positive impact on your mental wellbeing as well as your physical health. If you’re struggling for inspiration, the TikTok hashtag has 137.4M views and is brimming with routines to try out.

Image source: TikTok @siennawilkinsx

Water Aerobics

Getting into the pool instantly makes things more fun so pop on your swimwear and head to your local swimming pool to try out some water aerobics. Due to the water resistance, basic movements will instantly become more effective so you can burn off calories whilst splashing around. Blowing up on TikTok with almost 4M views, there is no better time of year to head down to the pool and cool off whilst you get fit.

Image source: TikTok @justin_agustin

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