Time to think about Tenerife!

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Island holidays in Europe are my favourite, I love the moderate to warm temperatures and the lifestyle. Some islands are great for the local experience, such as Sardinia, while others are a mecca for parties and nightlife.

I’ve managed to visit a number of wonderful islands, including Majorca, Gran Canaria and Sardinia but one place I haven’t managed to make it to is Tenerife. I’m surprised as it’s famed for its year round sunshine, amazing seafood and glamorous hotels. I think the thing that put me off was the talk of black beaches but it just isn’t so!

Pool Lounging


Even if you go in March or April and the sea is too cold to dip into, there are plenty of fabulous hotels with glamorous pools to lounge by. The Costa Adeje is the new, up and coming boutique hotel destination and it’s the first place I would head if I wanted a glamorous, no sand in your butt crack type of holiday. Sparkly wedges, big brimmed hats and champagne cocktails. There’s also not a scrap of black sand on the croissant shaped beach.

Rustic Canarian Experience

If I was in the mood for a more rustic holiday, with quaint mountain villages and dramatic volcanic scenery then I might look West to Guia de Isora. With pretty harbours, fishing villages and white washed cottages, here is definitely the more Canarian experience, traditional cuisine and stunning scenery of a foreign country. It would make a great spot for a romantic retreat, a getaway from the crowds and busy beaches of the south.

Get in the sporting spirit


Tenerife also has the massive attraction of fantastic activities such as windsurfing, jetskiing, sailing, kitesurfing, body boarding and surfing. I love the idea of going away for a week and enjoying breathtaking activites on and off the water. You feel exhilterated and sleep so well – holidays aren’t just about getting drunk every night or clubbing till 5am. Getting out on the water at 10am and blowing away your cobwebs has a wonderful feeling and you will make memories that last a lifetime.

So despite what type of holiday floats your boat, perhaps you will think like me and look at the options in Tenerife. I feel like I’ve been missing out all this time!

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