Tips and Tricks for Hosting the Best Summer Party!

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Summer is here, more or less – and it couldn’t have come a moment sooner. With the summer comes the promise of gloriously warm weather, deliciously cold drinks, and the prospect of enjoying it all with friends and family in tow. Planning a summer party is only natural, and can be an excellent excuse to catch up with your loved ones; here are some simple tips for getting your summer party off the ground without a hitch.

Send Out Invites in Advance

Firstly, to ensure a good turnout for your prospective summer do, you should send invites out at your earliest convenience. It is an unfortunate fact of adulthood that parties are no longer something that can be attended on a whim; between work, personal and family obligations, all manner of things can come up to derail attendance. But getting the invites out early means your friends and family have time to plan ahead, giving you the best possible chance of a full house.

Take Time to Spring-Clean

Naturally, if you’re hosting guests then you’ll want your home to look its best – both inside and out. As such, you should devote some time before the party to getting everything neat and clean. This can be a larger undertaking than it may first seem, especially if your garden hasn’t received much love since before the winter. Power-washing your patio and decking can bring it back to life, while simple spring-cleaning tasks like dusting and de-cluttering can give your house a fresh look and feel.

Sort a Summer Playlist Out

No summer party is complete without a summer playlist. Granted, you may be in your garden and well away from your hi-fi system – but with the use of a Bluetooth speaker, you can bring the summer jams outside all afternoon long. You can make things easy by putting together a Spotify playlist of your favourite summery songs, or make things even easier and get your friends to help you build the playlist.

Keep Your Party Menu Simple

Simple is the key when hosting a summer gathering – and is an especially useful principle when it comes to providing food and drink. It can be easy to get caught up in cooking multiple complex dishes to serve your guests, but they will often be happy with the simplest range of nibbles. Besides, the summer is quintessential barbecue weather – why not have your guests bring food to cook on your grill and share?

As for drinks, there are easy ways to offer a wide range of delicious beverages without creating too much work for yourself. You could pre-mix cocktails in large tapped kilner jars, for guests to help themselves to – negronis and mojitos are particularly easy to whip up in batch form, and need only be poured into cups with ice! Keeping a cooler full of beer, cider and soft drinks will ensure everyone is catered, and ensuring water is in swift supply will help everyone stay cool.

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