Tips for Achieving Harmony in Your Family

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Many parents frequently wish they could wave a magic wand and make everyone in the family get on all the time. No more bickering children, grumpy spouses, or disagreements about what to watch on TV, or where to go on your big summer holiday. Unfortunately, there are no magic wands, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your family relations and have everyone getting on better. There are some simple ways to pour oil on troubled waters that will help you avoid many of the situations that lead to family disharmony, so read on for some top tips.

Differences of opinion
The more people there are in a family, the more differences of opinion you’re likely to encounter. The bottom line in a disagreement is that the parents have the final say, but that doesn’t mean you can’t approach decision-making in a fair and reasonable way. Taking the summer getaway situation as an example, you could simply decide where you’re going without any input from the kids, avoiding prolonged discussion and potential disagreement. The problem is that if any of the kids feel strongly that they won’t enjoy this trip, their attitude will affect everyone else’s enjoyment. If you involve the kids in the decision-making process, they will feel that their opinions are important, and you also have the opportunity to negotiate viable compromises. For instance, making sure each child has a day when they get to do what they most want to.

Taking an interest in other family members
One of the most valuable gifts any parents can give to their family is time. It’s the one thing that is the same for everyone; we all have twenty-four hours in a day, never more or less (however much we might wish it was so!). Playing with your kids, and getting them involved with what you’re doing is a great opportunity for building family bonds, and indeed is essential for the emotional well-being and development of children. Your partner also needs to feel that their interests matter to the rest of the family, so while you may not be keen on the sports he loves, taking an interest rather than dismissing them as a waste of time is an effective way of showing you care, and respect your partner’s passions.

One way of approaching taking an interest when you find it hard, is to make something like a major sporting event into a family celebration. For instance, the soccer World Cup is taking place this summer, so for key matches or the final, you could arrange a family party or barbecue. Get the whole family interested in the games by having a flutter with an online bookmaker such as Unibet. Everyone will be interested in the outcome if there’s a chance to win a few pounds!
It often takes just a little consideration and empathy to avoid family disputes and disagreements. By showing interest in and respect for every family member’s preferences and opinions, you will be creating the foundations for family harmony.

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