Top 4 Foodie Destinations in Europe 

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When travelling in Europe there are many things you will be spoilt by: history, culture and food. Deciding on a destination to travel to within the continent is like trying to pick a menu off the item in your favourite restaurant – you know you’re going to enjoy it but what do you fancy? That’s another thing you’re spoilt for: choice. Have a read of some of your top picks foodies to help make up your mind.


Ah Paris, the crème de la crème of food and wine. From walking into a bakery in the morning and finding the softest buttery pastry, to your evening meal accompanied by a perfectly paired glass of red with your steak – there will rarely be a moment when you’re walking the streets of Paris where you won’t be tempted to stop in for a bite to eat. Whether you want Michelin star or a restaurant tucked away down the city’s many side streets, where you discover is up to you. Paris is waiting for you to explore it, all you need to is get there. There are plenty of Eurostar to Paris deals for you.


Italian cuisine is comfort in a dish. Eating out in Italy is like visiting a friend for a dinner party. The food has so much love and care gone into it, the ingredients are fresh and carefully picked. You feel looked after and, it goes without saying, incredibly well-fed. Rome is considered by many as a top foodie destination and it isn’t hard to understand why. Food is considered an art and even a humble pasta dish will have your tastebuds reeling.


One of the most enjoyable things about a meal out is sharing the experience with friends. What better way to dine out with them sharing some tapas? Of course, one of the best places to do this is Madrid. The city is growing more gourmet, but you’ll still be able to find some classic tapas places, full of flavour and happy customers.


Famously, England has never been known for its palette. Thankfully over the years this has changed. London is one of the most diverse cities in the world and its restaurant scene reflects this. From markets and food trucks offering tastes from around the globe, to restaurants remaking organic British food. London should definitely be to consider for your foodie needs. It may be closer to home than some of the places on this list, but nonetheless worth a visit.

These are just few of so many food havens in Europe. Any place you go you’re going to find your new favourite restaurant. The choice is up to you. What’s been your favourite meal you’ve had on holiday?

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