Top 5 Things to Avoid on Your Honeymoon

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If you’re like most, you’re already worried about your honeymoon and how it will turn out. Don’t fret. To have a classic honeymoon, you will have to plan well ahead and make it your business to countercheck all the details. If planning to fly out, make sure you know who will pack your baggage and carry them to the airport, your travel tickets, and your personal effects. If booking a hotel locally, you will have to let the hotel know your arrangements and the length of your stay up front.

Planning a honeymoon is not an easy task. However, you may plan a perfect honeymoon but ruin it all in the end. To avoid such muddle, ensure that you refrain from doing these five things to have the best honeymoon ever.

  1. Excess sleep

What better way to turn off the excitement of your first night together with your loved one as husband and wife than to sleep superfluously? Avoid excess sleep and make the best out of your time by moving about and visiting places you’ve never been to before. Holidays hub has honeymoon ideas and activities that you can do to make your honeymoon exemplary.

  1. Cancelling plans

Don’t cancel your plans at the last minute. If you had decided to go to a particular place, don’t cancel the night before and start booking all over again. You will end up being stressed and ruining your honeymoon experience. In worst cases, you won’t be able to make new arrangements and may even be forced to spend your honeymoon at your place. How boring.

  1. Getting Angry

You probably will encounter displeasing people or may be unlucky enough to have something not go your way. Don’t let it get to you. Pick yourself up and make merry all the way. You will have plenty of time to get angry in your marriage, let it not be on your honeymoon. That’s not a good first experience to give your partner. Don’t smash them with your negative energy in a time you’re supposed to be making love and smiling all the way even to the washroom.

  1. Extravagance

Don’t get me wrong. Plan your honeymoon and get the best hotels in town. Book first class travel tickets and enjoy the best foods if that will make your honeymoon perfect. But remember you have a life after the honeymoon. You don’t want to come back to debts and overdue bills. Observe moderation.

  1. Don’t get drunk

Drinking alcohol is associated with celebrations, but your honeymoon is not where you want to get drunk. You will wake up unaware that you’re even married in the first place. Who wouldn’t want to have all those sweet memories of their honeymoon? In worst cases, you will probably cause a scene, or break a leg, or find yourself single again simply because he couldn’t stand you. A little wine is okay but limit your intake. Make memorable memories that you and your partner will never want to forget – something excessive drinking will not allow you to.


Make it your business to avoid these mishaps, and you will be one step closer to a perfect honeymoon and a happy marriage. That is, don’t drink too much, sleep moderately, be merry, and avoid canceling plans at the last minute.

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