Top 5 Travel Tips

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For someone, the prospect of travel may seem intimidating – booking flights, checking luggage, not to mention exposure to a new culture and language – while to others this may seem the perfect reason why one must travel far and wide. Others may travel frequently due to their jobs, hopping between city to city and plane to plane that flights are the norm,

Whether you are a frequent business traveler, planning the next big family trip or a solo traveler off to explore the world, there are many tips and tricks travelers may have to make their journeys as smooth-sailing as possible. Here are a few:

Book the best flight for you

Flights often accounts for a large portion of your budget so making sure that you get the best flights that are both comfortable and perfect for your budget can be one of the best things you can do for your travels. There are many ways to approach this matter and get the best deals out there.

Have you found that flight prices increase the more you browse through potential flights and dates from reasonable to extortionate? This myth, whether true or not, has been witnessed by many. Rumor has it that airlines may increase flight prices the more you show interest on the flight, dates and destinations through search engines. One of the ways to combat this is by clearing your cache and history as you search.

Another way is knowing when airlines will reset their prices, which can result in less expenses and cheaper tickets for your travels. These adjustments occur according to the date of the flight and how many seats are left – airlines will occasionally release cheaper seats in batches, so making sure you are online during these times can help reduce your travel expenses.

Google alerts also allows you to set up alerts for specific flights, destinations and dates which will notify you via email when prices have changed. But this might not be the best option as emails may get lost or you may read them much later and miss out on the discounts.

You may also try calling before booking online. Although booking online may be convenient, it may not always get you the best deal.

Choose the right accommodation for you

Whether you travel due to business or due to leisure, saving money on accommodation is always a good thing. One way of reducing the costs of accommodation is, when choosing to stay in a hotel, to choose ones that may be less crowded or less popular. This may increase the likelihood of discounted rooms due to less demand.

Another way is by knowing when hotels are overbooked in the days of the week – for example, go for business hotels for weekend stays as these hotels will surely be booked from Sunday to Thursday by business travelers. Likewise, leisure hotels are the way to go for weekday travels for a similar reason.

Another way to snag lower hotel prices is by traveling during the off-season or the period before or after peak holiday tourism. The weather is still nice but fewer people may be traveling and so this increases the supply of available rooms – and you get a peaceful holiday before the surge of tourists too!

Invest in travel and health insurance

A new environment and unfamiliar weather, foods, etc. may affect your health in a negative way, so it may be best to be prepared for possible illnesses that may stop you from enjoying your holiday to its fullest. Certain medical insurance cover up to 80% of foreign travel emergency expenses which can greatly help you in your travels especially during emergencies. And there are various ways you can compare Medicare supplement plans to best suit not only your travel expenses but can involve other health issues you may face.

Not only will this cover part of the cost if ever you suffer health problems but can also cover emergency travel expenses for those moments you did not predict in your travels. You can never go wrong by having a back-up.

ATMs and Currency Conversion

If your bank does not have a branch in your specific holiday destination, then be aware that an extra charge per ATM transaction may incur. This can be the conversation rates of the bank itself or as a result of simply using the respective bank’s ATM.

Conversion fees are also usually in higher rates and charged by your home bank, so it may be best to make a call to your home back before your travels to inquire about foreign ATM and possible currency conversion fees.

Alternatively, you may even open a bank specifically for this holiday with the branch that is available in the country of your destination. This can be one solution for reducing the expenses of foreign ATM and conversion fees.


Whether you are traveling on a long-haul flight or when you land, staying hydrated is always important. Particularly necessary when flying on a plane for longer periods of time, a plane’s interior can quickly make your skin dry and make you thirsty. Make sure to buy a bottle of water after bag check, or you can always ask one of the air stewards for a glass of water.

Likewise, always carry a bottle of water whenever you are walking around and exploring the country of your destination. Especially in hotter climates, your body may not be used to the temperature and require twice as much hydration. It may also be safer to buy bottled water when traveling as tap water may not be as clean as the tap water in your country.

Whether you are off to your next big adventure or simply taking another flight as a necessity to your job, it is best to get the most out of it without making a dent in your bank account. By keeping these few things in mind, you may not only save some money but also keep your travels as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.


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