Top Cookware Sets of 2020

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If you have been too busy all your life and are suddenly bored because there is nothing much to do while you are locked at home, it would be a good idea to upgrade your kitchen and explore some fun culinary projects. Cooking and kitchen setups can be super fun if you know what you are doing. If you are planning to go into a chef mode in full swing, you will need proper cookware set for all kinds of different food processes.

Generally, there are nonstick and stainless steel cookware options available but it would be a good idea to have a mix of both since some processes work better with nonstick while some recipes require stainless steel for efficient cooking. You always have the option to pick individual cookware from different sets rather than buying a complete set of a single brand. We have reviewed some of the best cookware in 2020 which you should consider buying.

Cuisinart MCP-12N Stainless Steel Cookware Set

If you are looking for a complete cookware solution that offers great value for money and doesn’t cost a fortune, this 12 piece set by Cuisinart is hands down your best bet. As the name suggests the cookware is made of stainless steel that brings great durability and amazing heat distribution. Moreover, stainless steel cookware is compatible with most cooktops and hobs. They are built for great conduction yet the cookware is not too bulky and is easy to handle and maintain. The set includes Two saucepans, a stockpot, a saute pan, two skillets, and a steamer insert. The pans and pot are reasonably sized and the set is a perfect fit if you are looking for a complete solution for a basic kitchen. 

T-fal 561SC Nonstick Cookware Set 

T-fal is a popular name for nonstick cookware and this 12 piece set stands true to the reputation. If you are looking for cookware that perfectly cooks food with minimal oil, this nonstick set is a perfect solution. The nonstick surface also makes it much easier to clean and wash the pots and pans. It is lightweight with great heat distribution. The handles stay cool and make handling safer and easier. The set includes two saucepans, a stockpot, two skillets, a saute pan, a spatula, and a slotted spoon. The only downside of a nonstick pan is that it does not smear meat as well as stainless steel cookware.

Hestan NanoBond Titanium Ultimate Set

This 10 piece set is one of the most expensive cookware sets that you can find on the racks. That being said, if budget is not an issue, this set is worth every penny. If you are particular about how gorgeous your kitchenware looks, you will fall in love with this titanium set. Since its titanium, it gives the benefit of nonstick with much greater durability and is much safer than the regular Teflon coated cookware set. This cookware set has amazing durability and impeccable heat conduction. The only downside is that you need to get it polished after some time since usage may cause wear and tear.

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