Your Spring Repair Guide for 2020

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Maintain your property throughout the year, and check for repairs twice a year. It is a good motto to have and will allow you to find issues in areas like your air conditioning or central heating that exist before they become a problem. You do not want to be desperately waiting for an emergency repair on your heating system when it is cold, and your fireplace was bricked up a long time ago. You want to spot an issue and get it fixed before that first cold front comes in. 

  • Heating and Cooling Systems 

If you have air conditioning or an HVAC system in your home, then it needs to be maintained regularly. This means cleaning the vents and the air filters. It also means testing the system before you need it. If you notice a drop in quality from last year or aren’t happy with the effort your air conditioning unit is putting out, then spring is the time to hire air conditioning repair, not in the summer during a heatwave because that is the first time you needed it. 

The same applies to your heating system at the end of summer. You want to make sure it is in tip-top condition before it gets cold. 

  • Your Appliances 

Go on and take out all the appliances that you own, especially the ones that you do not use regularly. Plug them in, make sure they work, and if they are not already clean, do so now. You can even take stock of what you have and even declutter a little. After all, if you do not ever use a bread maker, it can be an item to keep in storage in your kitchen. 

  • Your Roof 

Check your roof from the outside and the inside. Getting a ladder or, at the very least, a telescope can help you check your roof’s exterior. Make sure that there is no sagging, there is not anything on your roof that can cause rot, and that the gutters are clear of any debris. 

Inside your attic, you will want to check if there are any light leaks, mold build-up, or water damage. 

If you are worried about anything that you have seen, bringing in a specialist is worthwhile, especially considering the age of some homes. 

  • Your Windows 

Check your windows for any signs of wear and tear. This can be moisture build-up in the frame, or it could be a fog in your windows that indicate a leak. Old windows, even double glazed, also lose their effectiveness over time so check to see if you feel any cold coming in. If there is, fixing or updating your windows can be an easy way to improve your home’s comfort and reduce your energy efficiency. 

  • Your Foundations 

Finally, check your foundations for any cracks. If your home is attached, check your neighbors as well, as their issue could quickly become your own. 

Your home deserves to be maintained, so use your spring clean as an excuse to get around to the regular maintenance and repairs. 

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