Top picks: How to incorporate colour into your wardrobe

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Incorporating colour into your wardrobe might sound easy, but once you head out to the shops it can all get a bit overwhelming. Do you go bold and bright? Or introduce subtler shades that can definitely be worn on a day to day basis? We’ve got the low down on how to incorporate a splash of colour into your clothing selection:

  1. What’s your favourite colour?

This is a good question to ask yourself before you buy anything. There’s no point in running out and picking up a bright pink dress when you know you hate the colour pink but felt like you desperately needed to add some colour to your wardrobe.

  1. Go for a print

A bold print is the easiest way of incorporating some colour into your wardrobe, you can be subtle with a striped shirt in red and white or push the boundaries with a brightly coloured maxi dress – you should definitely check out Superdry and their latest range of summer dresses for inspiration and that first important purchase. Floral, decoupage, striped, polka dot… all of these are great when it comes to featuring more colour in your wardrobe.

  1. Minimise the black

Black is an easy colour to wear, it’s slimming and it goes with everything, so we understand why it’s such a popular choice for most people. But black also fades quickly – leading to dull grey outfits – and it’s not the happiest of shades. Try and reduce your collection of dark clothes by a quarter and replace these with some bold colours, even if it’s just a few t-shirts at first or a fun pair of jeans.

  1. Accessorise

Accessories are the easiest ways of adding colour to your wardrobe, so a bold bag slung over your arm will update your look. Try to avoid garish colours, a bright coral or a strong pink are good choices. Jewellery and watches are another easy way of adding some colour, a pastel shade on your wrist and a brightly coloured gem on your necklace will instantly update your look and if you can’t bear to part with all that black we mentioned before, it’s easy to keep wearing it while mixing up your look.


  1. Let your lingerie peek out

Underwear-as-outerwear is a popular trend this year, so pick up a brightly coloured bralette and let this show slightly underneath your top or jacket. Neon shades are great when you have a tan and for those long evenings on holiday, while many are opting for pastel colours, such as lilacs and mint greens, to wear underneath crisp white shirts and with tailored jackets.

  1. Made for walking

Finally, shoes come in so many colours it would be hard to not add some much needed brightness to your wardrobe through them. In fact, you probably already own a huge range of colours when it comes to your footwear. Bold blue stilettos, pastel pink lace up sandals, bright orange trainers… all of these can be thrown on to complete an outfit and instantly increase the colour options in your wardrobe.

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