Top Summer Destinations To Keep Your Body And Mind Healthy

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Top Summer Destinations To Keep Your Body And Mind Healthy

We all like summer holidays, yet there is so much more than a tan available, with exciting destinations that focus on good health. The great outdoors can offer a holiday that is not only relaxing, but also provides a healthy workout at the same time. Here are a few places to visit if you prefer an active holiday.

Cycling in South Africa


Cycling has always been a healthy pastime, and a bike-riding holiday in South Africa has much to offer. The emphasis isn’t on finishing fast, rather experiencing the amazing views and vistas that South Africa has to offer. With a range of accommodation from five-star hotels to camping grounds, there is something for everyone.

Fitness camps

This is a very fashionable way to spend your summer downtime, with many online companies offering a wide range of programs in various locations. If you are looking for a special experience, Prestige Boot Camp has terrific programs to get you fit while enjoying your holiday at the same time.

Scuba diving in Mozambique


Scuba diving provides a total workout for all the major muscle groups, so a holiday where you can experience the wonders of the pristine waters off Mozambique has to be a great idea. With 2,500 km of great beaches, the scuba diving is world class. If you are not an accomplished diver, there are schools where you can explore the safer areas with a qualified instructor, and if all goes well, you will be a certified diver at the end of your trip.

Walking safaris in Zambia


Hiking has always been a great way to stay fit, and with a spectacular backdrop like Zambia, there is much to see. South Luangwa National Park offers the perfect African experience, with over 60 animal species living there. The best time to visit is in the dry season from April to October, when the animals congregate around the remaining water holes. Accommodation ranges from reasonably priced lodges with all amenities, to self-catering huts for the more adventurous.

Wild West riding holidays in USA

If you fancy trying out the cowboy life, why not take a riding holiday in the Wild West. If you are an accomplished rider, you can help the cattle ranchers as they rope in the steers and wild horses. Apart from this, you can also take relaxing rides and hikes through some of the most amazing countryside that America has to offer. You can stay with the Native Americans and really experience the rugged outdoor life that captured the imagination of all cowboy enthusiasts.

Wellness holidays

This is a new type of holiday and is fast becoming the ideal way to relax, while stimulating both body and mind. With Spas, meditation, and a holistic approach to well-being, you will leave rejuvenated and ready to take on the hustle and bustle of modern working life. Here is a link with more information about wellness holidays, the latest craze in holistic well-being.

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