Top Tips for a Stress-Free House Move

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Having just moved house these tips come at the perfect time! Ours didn’t go smoothly and I’m still surrounded by boxes but we have a log fire and a huge sofa now ?
Moving home may be an exciting and happy experience, but it can also be incredibly stressful, whether you are moving from one rental property to another, buying your first home, or selling your current home in order to buy new. The truth is, moving home can take time when it comes to making sure that everything is prepared and in order. When you move home, you realise for the first time exactly how many things you own – even if it’s a good excuse to have a clear out of everything! If you are planning a house move in the near future, here are just some of our top tips to make sure that everything goes well.


If you have a lot of belongings and want to ensure that you start early with packing, taking advantage of a secure self storage facility can make things a lot easier for yourself. Putting away the bulk of your packed items can give you more room to work with at home, as well as giving you the extra space needed for things such as manoeuvring larger furniture items or cleaning the home. If you are moving a long distance, having some belongings moved into a storage facility on the way or nearby to your new home can make things easier on moving day.

Moving Day Checklist

Long before moving day arrives, it’s a good idea to have a checklist ready with everything that you’re going to need to do and have to hand during the day. Since you can probably expect to be more than a little bit stressed and flustered on the day, having a checklist to keep to can help things to run as smoothly as possible. You’d be surprised as to how much you can forget when you’re rushing around and trying to get things done, so having a checklist to hand can make it that little bit easier to stay organised and keep your stress levels down.

 Labelling boxes

When packing items for a house move, many people forget about the stress of unpacking their belongings once they get to their new home. After weeks of preparation, the last thing that you need is to get to your new home and be met with heaps of boxes and no idea what is contained in each one. That’s why when you’re packing your belongings, labelling all of your boxes not only makes it easier for you to know which need to be handled with care, but you can easily unpack once you’ve arrived at your new home and have everything where it belongs in no time at all. Labelling also makes it easier for you to be able to access the boxes with things that you need in them first, making sure that you don’t lose time looking for those essential items

Having a stress free house move can only be a dream for most people, but some people believe it or not do have a stress free move. A step in the right direction would be to hire a skip from a company such as Mackers skip hire.  Following these top tips can help you ensure that everything goes smoothly both before, during and after moving day.  

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