Top Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Winter

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Winter, whether you live somewhere that experiences heavy snowfall or not, is very hard on houses and their systems. You need to heat your home, after all, which can result in high energy or gas bills. It also puts pressure on your boiler. Combined, this can lead to an expensive winter, which will be repeated year after year. If you are paying too much, and you and your family are still not comfortable, then you need to invest in your home and improve its heat-retaining abilities. To start, go through this checklist to help you prepare your property for winter today:

Determine Where Hot Air is Escaping
The first step towards making your home more energy efficient and ready for the winter is to determine where exactly, and by how much, the hot air in your home is escaping. If there is a huge amount of hot air being released from your front door, then you have a notable project to take on. If there is a lot of hot air being released from windows and doors, then there is likely a leak in the framing. Getting your home tested can better tell you where your home is losing heat and where to start fixing the problem.

Ensure Your Home Is Sealed Tight
Once you have determined where heat is escaping from your home, you can better your strategy to stop it. This could require double glazing to be installed by a professional, or it could require insulation to be added to your loft space. Either way, once you know where to look, there will be solutions to minimise heat loss and maximise your home’s efficiency.

Use Thick Carpets or Rugs
Fitting thick carpets or placing plush rugs over hardwood can be exactly what the doctor ordered to increase the heat retention in your home. The more fabric there is to retain heat, the better. Consider getting runners for your hallways as well, so that even the front door can be a bit warmer moving forward.

Install Better Curtains
Of course, even the best windows and doors can still lose a little heat, which is why installing thick curtains can be the perfect way to compliment them. Not only will they reduce heat from escaping, but they can also better retain heat as they are fabric. It can improve the efficiency of your home, and, when chosen with care, can elevate the overall design as well.

Use a Smart Home Heating System
If you can afford it, installing a smart home heating system can be a great way to minimise the amount of energy you use. This way your system can turn off when you are not at home, and turn on again an hour before you come back, and so on. Even rudimentary heating systems can let you set timers as well, and the overall benefit of using one is less energy. Less energy used, the warmer your family can be for less money.

There are many ways you can enjoy a warmer, cosier experience this winter while spending less than you usually do on energy bills. All you need to do is to pinpoint the causes of heat loss, increase energy efficiency, and maximise traditional heating methods, such as adding rugs and blankets. Do this, and you will enjoy every winter so much more, bundled up with your loved ones.

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