How to create a glamorous bedroom on a budget

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Everybody wants somewhere beautiful to rest at the end of the day and even the smallest, most modest bedroom can be turned into something special with a touch of glamour. Despite the impression you may get from many style magazines, achieving this is less dependent on money than on imagination. These style tips will help you get started.

The bed

If buying a new bed is beyond your means, you can still dress up the one you have. A plain headboard can be given a glamorous makeover by covering it with fabric such as shiny satin or sensuous velvet. It is easy to construct a canopy using two long wall brackets and stretching fabric across them – mesh and tulle are cheap but can look very impressive like this, or you can use silk for a more elegant effect. All kinds of fabric can be purchased cheaply in the form of offcuts. It’s easy to make your own pillowcases from attractive fabric and a simple piece of lace or faux fur adds a real touch of luxury when used as a throw.

The walls

The trick to finding low cost, stylish wallpaper is not to buy it in the UK. German stores are among the best and charge surprisingly little for postage – just remember to get samples to be sure what you’re buying before you make an online purchase. An alternative is to paint your walls and using alternative painting techniques, which are easy to learn, can generate spectacular effects. Metallic paints are particularly good for highlights. When you’ve finished, hanging up mirrors – even old, tarnished ones with attractive metal or painted plaster frames – can add to the sense of elegance.

The windows

Windows are a frequently neglected part of the bedroom and just a little work can really bring them to life. Try replacing old net curtains with shimmering voile or do away with curtains altogether and fit bay window shutters, which you can paint in any colour you like. If you have plenty of light coming into the room so don’t have to worry about blocking some of it, consider stained glass effect window stickers or buy real second-hand stained glass panels, which can be found at surprisingly low prices.


It’s often those little extra touches that really bring a room to life. There’s nothing like a chandelier to convey elegance and again, they’re a lot more affordable than you might think. Candelabras, both freestanding and in the form of wall brackets, also add glamour. A sheepskin rug improves the look of the floor and feels wonderful on bare feet first thing in the morning. Painting or re-varnishing furniture can give it renewed appeal, and making your own cushions from beautiful fabrics brings out the best in any seating.

These design elements require a little creativity but they’re inexpensive and easy to get to grips with at a practical level. They can transform your room into something that amazes everyone who sees it – and somewhere you feel truly at ease.

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