7 Secret Living Room Tricks to Make Your Space Look Luxe

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7 Secret Living Room Tricks to Make Your Space Look Luxe

There’s nothing more satisfying than coming home from a hard day at the office to relax in a space that feels truly luxurious. We all deserve to have a haven that feels decadent, somewhere where we can go to forget the stresses and strains of the day. Read our guide to making your space look more luxe to get some ideas on how you can improve your relaxation time.

  1. Simplify your styling

You need to think about creating order in your space. Many people love the eclectic look but it can look cluttered and can cause the mind to wander. Plus, if you feel like it constantly looks disorganised you might be tempted to give up your time to cleaning. Choose a few good pieces that work together and you will instantly make your space appear more luxurious. We’re not saying you have to take a full minimalist approach but there are benefits to living with less stuff when it comes to interior design.

  1. Camouflage your TV

TVs can be so ugly, a big black box in the corner of your room certainly doesn’t feel luxurious. Why not try and conceal it by creating an art gallery around it? At least the TV will blend it with the artwork and not look quite so obvious. You could also work on the lighting in your room to try and make it less prominent. Smart home lighting is all the rage at the minute and can really help you create lighting that works for your room. Have a look at this article on the Phillips Hue Bloom vs Iris for some ideas.

  1. Use an interesting textile

Adding an interesting textile, such as an antique rug or a throw over the sofa instantly makes a room feel cosier and adds interest.

  1. Decorate with a mix of textures

Layering different textures such as wood, glass metals, and textiles can instantly give depth to a space. You do need to put some thought into it and make sure you don’t overdo it, but you can create a room that feels luxurious. Head to our blog post on creating a Pinterest worthy room for more ideas.

  1. Incorporate a sculptural item

Sculptural items immediately scream expensive. Yet, they don’t always have to be. Including something with a shape in your room, even if it’s just a quirky coffee table will instantly make your room feel more artistic.

  1. Hang large-scale art

Hanging a large piece of artwork that you loves creates a focal point in your room which immediately enhances the beauty of any room. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just look for anything that you love and that will lift your heart as you walk through the door.

  1. Include a piece with history

Including something with history in your room can instantly make the space feel more elegant. There’s nothing more decadent than pieces that were made in the past when they really knew a lot about craftsmanship and creating something to last. Again, find something that you love and will make you smile everytime you look at it.


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