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TravelSupermarket has launched a new World Photography Map, following an incredible response to its Capture the Colour photography competition. The exceptional quality of the images submitted by entrants prompted the creation of this interactive map, as a means to inspire new travellers as to where they should go in the world.

The Capture the Colour competition required travel bloggers to submit their photographic interpretations of the colours blue, yellow, green, red and white. The competition attracted 587 entries, with each blogger submitting five photos.  TravelSupermarket’s panel of photograph experts then judged thousands of amazing images from all over the world to find a winner for each category.

The World Photography Map offers insight into the entrants’ most popular travel photography locations, pinpointing where in the world the entries were taken:

  • Asia and Europe are the most popular destinations for travel photography, with over half of the images coming from these continents;
    • Nearly a third (32 per cent) taken in Asia
    • Over a quarter (26 per cent) from Europe
    • There were also entries which included images taken as far afield as Russia, the African Coasts and the polar continents.

Digging deeper into the continent galleries, the photos submitted highlighted interesting trends between destinations and colours:

  • South America was portrayed with the majority of white themed photos
  • Asia was portrayed with predominately red images of traditional dress and costume

The map was previewed to bloggers who were featured in the map and has received a really positive response. Leigh from HikeBikeTravelsays “I love what TravelSupermarket have done. There are some great images and it’s a really interesting way to feature them.” And Edith from agrees “I think this looks great and will be a wonderful tool to not only inspire travellers but photographers as well.”

Visitors to the site can browse a large selection of the travel photos by clicking the continents on the map to bring up photo galleries from that part of the world. The interactive design allows visitors to get a real sense of the atmosphere and beauty of different destinations around the globe.

Winner’s photos:

young boy

Matt Chua All Souls Day


Anthon Jackson Sikhri Boys

Anthon Jackson Sikhri Boys

Andrew Marston Notre Dame

Andrew Marston Notre Dame




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